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Seven Effective Ways to Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Ways to Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Mice infestation can be a big issue. One can lose peace of mind and bear some serious damage done to the property, food, and other household belongings. Food contamination can lead to the spread of diseases. Thus, it is important that get rid of this infestation as soon as you can.

It is practically impossible for an unskilled or inexperienced person to wipe out rodents completely. Finding their nesting areas can be a challenging task unless you are a pro. Thus, you must take all the necessary steps to keep these pests out of your home. To start with, block all the entry and exit points to your home and out.

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Spotting rats

Often rats go unnoticed in your kitchen, storeroom, garage, or washroom. Thus, look for small faeces at the corners or near the walls. You will also notice holes in food bags, boxes, shoes, etc. You may find small openings in floor titles, concealed cabinets, nest spots with shredded paper and wood pieces. 

Tips To Keep The Rodents Away From The House

1. Seal all entry points

Sealing gapsMice, rodents, and rats can fit through any small hole, making it extremely easy to find entry and exit points to your home, walls, and attic. You can prevent them with sealed wire mesh, and a caulking gun. Tiny entrances can be easy to miss with an untrained eye, hence check your gutters have a sealed lid that untenable the rats to enter the home.

2. Traps

Mousetraps are one of the most useful ways to get rid of them that are already wreaking havoc inside. Stick mouse traps can be used in effective places at home such as behind trash cans and along walls. There is a many types of mouse traps for you to choose from, all of which vary in cost, function, and design. You can buy snap traps, electric traps, sticky traps, and live catch traps.

3. Cats

pet-loverAdopt a cat. Cats are good at hunting down pests, as these rats are also a source of food for them. Adopting a young aggressive cat can help you get rid of mice infestation easily.

4. Keep Trash bins Away from Your House

Make it a habit to keep trash bins away from home. All the trash bags should be wrapped tightly. Thicker, tear resistant trash bags should be used

5. Dry foods sealed

Airtight-container-in-kitchenAll the dry food must be kept in tightly sealed containers and high on shelves or in the refrigerator. Rodents will not enter your home, if they do not smell any food.

6. Keep Bird feeder Far Away

Food present in bird feeder like seeds, ground grains attract mice, and thus the infestation.

7. Peppermint leave and oils

PeppermintIt is an essential oil used in many ways. You can dab it on cotton and place them around the corner of the house. With the help of flour and peppermint leaves, you can make small balls keep in essential places.

These simple and effective measures will help to get rid of the mice and keep your home healthy and safe.

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