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Simple Steps to Create and Attractive Boxwood Topiary

Topiary, dating back to about 23-79 AD, is the art of transforming or developing a plant into various shapes like that of animals, birds, arches or other eye-catching forms by cutting and pruning, whereas boxwood topiary is known to develop around 200 years earlier. Whatever may be the history; topiary forms look stunning even today and add to the beauty and style of any patio or deck. Given below are steps to create a wonderful boxwood topiary to make your garden even more beautiful.

Materials Required:

Boxwood Topiary_2

  • An oversize boxwood plant (aka Buxus sempervirens)
  • Topiary scissors
  • Clippers
  • Wires
  • Huge container
  • Soil-based potting mixture

Steps Involved:

Boxwood Topiary

  • Select a proper place for your topiary depending upon the type of climate and availability of water and sunlight.
  • You can use many types of plants; however, boxwood is generally preferred due to its rapid growth suitable for frequent pruning.
  • The next step is to choose a design for your topiary. You either can create a design from the existing plat or alternatively train the plant to take your desired shape. The design depends on the size of the plants. Small designs require small size plants without any hard stems and branches, whereas larger designs require larger plants with bigger and broader leaves. However, maintaining certain shapes might become difficult at times, as the plants continue to grow.

How to give a spiral shape to the topiary:

Follow these simple steps to give a spiral shape to your topiary.

Use clippers to create a rough outline:

Plant your boxwood in a large container filled with water based potting. To give a perfect spiral shape, make a spiral shape with a round on the top and begin to trim the plant in a cone shape. With the help of hedge trimmers and clips, give a cone shape to the topiary taking care that it is even on all sides.

Shape up with shears:

Boxwood Topiary_3

With the help of manually operated topiary shears or scissors cut the cone form all sides to make it appear smooth and even. Use clips at the bottom branches to create a flat base for the cone. Be patient and observe frequently by standing back that the shape remains proper.

Give finishing touch to the edges:

Boxwood Topiary_4

Once you are done with the rough shape, be prepared to give the shape a final touch of perfection. With the help of shears, cut the edges to make them smooth so that they appear to be like a tube that goes like a coil around the central stem. In order to make the spiral appear solid and intact, cut the cone such that it remains thinner at the top and thicker at the base. Take a notice of the work at regular intervals to avoid going out of shape.

Give the topiary a Lollipop shape:

Boxwood Topiary_1

You can either let your spiral topiary as it is or can shape it to create an artistic Lollipop look. For this, you will have to trim a ball like shape on the treetop. For obtaining a ball like shape, clip the ball with the help of a circular wire stencil. Create a circular shape and check it by placing the stencil against the shape. At any point if you go wrong, do not worry. Allow the plant to re-grow and then retry to give the plant a perfect lollipop pop-up. You can even create your own circular template with the help of a wire wound around a paint container.


Topiary simply adds art and style to your garden. With these easy steps, I am sure you would be able to create a beautiful garden topiary that would instantly attract the attention of the visitors.