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Slide’s swimming pool and garden lights are charismatic

slide swimming pool lights1
Slide an Italian company well known for embellishing the outdoor space particularly with the lights has yet come up with another remarkable design. Slide have now introduced elegant floating lamps from Acquaglobo collection. Designed particularly for swimming pools, the modish and trendy lamps are presented in different size. The lighting sphere adds an aesthetics appeal to your outdoor space during the day and quixotic ambiance in the night.

slide swimming pool lights
The outdoor space is enhanced with the reflection of lights in the water that gives visually pleasing and alluring look to the outdoor atmosphere. If you do not have a swimming pool, do not get disappointed as the collection embraces luminous spheres for garden as well. So, you can enhance our gardens with the appealing lights. You can blend up both the collections to give the outdoor space a splendid manifestation.
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