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Social Lights: ‘UNUM’ by Jonathan Ota


Jonathan Ota’s UNUM is a series of lights that behave in a ‘social’ manner when placed close to each other. This innovative lighting device is symbolic of mankind’s social nature – subtly stating that we cannot achieve in isolation and that any kind of achievement can only happen when we bond together and socially interact with each other. These lights are illustrative of natural human instinct to socialize and gain out of doing so. These modular social lights illuminate brightly when brought in proximity to one another and become dim upon getting isolated from the other lights.

The most difficult part of the concept of social lights was getting the electronics portion in place – as the lights had to be photo-sensitive. There was a large amount of hard work in establishing the network between the photo-emitter and phototransistor for getting the lights to function the right way.

The UNUM social lights are a message to the people to bond and spread light together, rather than live in seclusion – hence, bonding is extremely vital for us humans to flourish in and the ‘social lights’ depict these emotions in a brilliant way!

Via: JonathanOta