Solar powered outdoor security cameras flaunt Face Recognition technology

IQ security camera by Nest

Every single day we come across the news of a murder or crime committed all across the world. What make it scary are the gruesome events that unfold behind these crimes. Today a person has to literally think twice before stepping out of his or her own homes.

The growing concerns of security even in our homes

There was a time that our homes were considered safe. Nowadays, we are not so sure. We have had so many cases where people have been murdered inside their homes due to the event of a break in or a burglary.

The gruesome crimes committed by criminals reflect so prominently in the photos and videos that we find in newspapers, or see in crime investigation serials. With all this happening around us, it is natural to have various questions in our minds pertaining to the safety of a loved one when we are not around.

Home security devices provide some kind of relief

Keeping all these factors in mind, one of the safest ways to ensure that your loved ones are safe at home is by installing security cameras in various parts of the house. The increasing demand for security devices for residential purposes has also given birth to a variety of features that comes along.

Considering that it is easy to hack into home automation devices, these latest security cameras are equipped with the facial recognition technology, which is the ongoing trend in various products. Here are a few companies which offer latest feature of the face recognition technology along with the state of the art security camera.

The Lynx Solar by Tend

We all know how important it is to have your security device working at all times of the day, Tend has come up with an innovative solution for ensuring that but your security device does not go offline even if there is no electricity.

The Lynx Solar offers you the benefit of a working security device even in the midst of a power failure. This is because it is equipped with solar panels that recharge the camera and store enough of energy even during a short-term power loss.

This remarkable innovation gives you the benefit of the round the clock service. Apart from that, another notable feature of this security cam is that it comes with the facial recognition software.

The Solar Panel option that is present on the security cam; gives you the maximum benefit of a fully charged security camera that can run for 7 days with just 1 sunny day of charging. Along with that, it also offers the benefit of a cloud storage system that can store recorded data of at least 3 days at a stretch.

The all weatherproof and compatibility allows you to install this camera outside your house. It is also equipped with other features like Wi-Fi connectivity, audio and video streaming, infrared visibility in the dark etc.

This camera gives you the flexibility of a two-way communication with your family members, even if you are physically not present at home. At no additional cost, you can review and backup the captured videos from the free featured option of cloud storage. This option allows you to review videos that are as old as 7 days.

IQ security camera by Nest

IQ security camera by Nest

Recently Nest unveiled the IQ security camera. It is equipped with the artificial intelligence of facial recognition by Google. This camera is equipped to recognize or identify the people entering your house.

If you install this camera, you can customize it by tagging the people you know through your smartphone. The app design for the IQ security cam is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. If somebody is entering your home, you will receive a notification on your smartphone immediately.

It is also equipped with a feature where the police is automatically notified in case there is a break in. The incorporation of facial recognition technology with home security devices gives us a better safety and peace of mind. These state of the art features and technology will help you to keep a track of who is entering your home when you are not around.

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