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Solar ‘Storage barn’ makes constructive use of raw material

Gray Organschi Architecture has created an incredible way to make raw material look good. The architect has built a beautiful ‘Storage barn’ from raw materials that makes spectacular exterior. The site once a home, was converted to a scrap lumber yard to a fully functional solar powered barn. Simply designed barn not only stores the materials, but also works off-grid on an isolated site. The barn has rectangular cube holes that create a magnificent mosaic-like texture with the stone structure. The materials and systems of the barn are carefully incorporated to minimize the impact on environment.

The material used is translucent polycarbonate panels for the walls that facilitate day-lighting and translucent solar panels on the roof. The roof features solar panels that power the lighting and produces good amount of electricity. The roof also embraces ground source pumps to heat the building geo-thermally. The barn is an ideal illustration of superior and rough blend with modern materials like translucent polycarbonate panels against the raw wood and stone. The breathtaking structure from outside, offers pretty good functionality from inside!

Via: Inhabitat