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SPAcer: Space-saver for the bathroom

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A concept that combines a bathtub, spa and jacuzzi all-in-one runs the risk of being labeled as been-there-done-that. And that’s precisely where you’d be wrong in the assessment of SPAcer concept by Dominik Chojnacki. A very neat bathing solution, this one combines everything that you desire and yet are afraid to buy, all because of a small bathroom. You would want to own these luxuries but would not want to sacrifice the floor space either. This is where SPAcer steps in. Dominik has designed a unit – the design of which has been inspired by two raindrops – that is actually movable. After lavishly bathing oneself, the user can simply stack it up against a wall to save space. So there is a great utility in the concept, but I’m bothered by the consideration that moving it will take some muscle; something that one is least likely to do after a refreshing bath. Also how one would manage stuff like water connection requires some explaining. Anyhow jump to see a couple of more pics of the neat SPAcer.

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Via: Yankodesign