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Spina is a good looking laundry dryer


Designed by Aydin Oztoprak and Ozgur Ruhi Ulvan, Spina sure looks different from other laundry dryers. Perfectly amalgamating the visual appeal element and usability, it provides ample and variable space for different amounts of laundry. Due to its mechanism it can be folded and stored in the least possible place with the least amount of fuss. Owing to the material used in its creation .i.e. polypropylene, it is solid and light. It’s an ideal creation for smaller homes where people don’t have ample space to hang the clothes till they dry. It can also be hung on the wall with the help of its mounting brackets and be used for small amounts of laundry. It also requires less floor are owing to its vertical dimension. And, according to me it looks quite good, I mean due to its clean lines and different design, it will definitely add some pattern to your space.