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Steps to clear a cluttered home office desk

Cluttered desk

Messy and cluttered desk always makes it hard to find important and necessary things on time. Sometimes, if left unchecked for a long time, it becomes harder to find them. That’s why, proper organization of your desk at proper interval is very important. This not only makes your essentials easily accessible but also creates a positive psychological impact and hence increases your productivity. Here are some easy steps on how to do this seemingly mammoth task.

Clear the desk

Start the task by removing each and every stuff from the desk one by one, and keeping it according to its usage at proper designated places for the time being. Small objects like stapler, pen-pencils, hole punch etc should be kept in a box.

Wipe the Desk

Wipe out all the debris and dust from the desk. Now start arranging things on the desk. First of all, keep big size hardware like Monitor, table lamp etc. In this way, you will make a frame for the new arrangement. Moreover, these are the most essential utilities for a properly-functioning desk.

Make strict decision

Check out all the paper stuff and separate out essential, semi essential and non essential stuff. Discard all the non essential ones in the recycling bin. Purchase some folders from market and keep the papers according to their importance in it. Name them properly. Archiving paperwork is an essential key for a neatly ordered filing system.

Proper use of Drawer

In the drawer, keep semi essential folders according to the order of their importance. Also, keep the box of important utility items like stapler, etc inside it.

Categorized the entities

Put the other items back to the desk in the order of their usage. Make another box for things like notepad, envelopes, etc. Always keep your pen, pencils, eraser etc in a pen holder.


After completing the task, don’t forget the importance of proper maintenance. Give proper attention to your desk at least once a week and wipe away all the clutter and debris regularly.

Keep it simple

Always try to keep your desk clean as well as simple. Simplicity adds character to your desk. People will appreciate your sensibility and your productivity will surely rise.

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