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Stylish and convenient Pro-work-cases

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Want to make travel as well as your work easy? Then, check out these Pro-work-cases cases from HYC-case. Since 2003, HYC-case has been building a large variety of fine quality flight cases and aluminize cases, including rack cases, mixer cases, compact plasma cases and mobile compact dj cases. The Pro-work-cases come with four drawers (1×90mm/1×200mm/2×255mm internal height from top to bottom) with seven drawers (3×2U/3×3U/1×6U from top to bottom). One of the biggest advantages of the Pro-work-case with 7 drawers is that the front cover can be used as desk. While the heavy duty corners and the T-brackets make these cases very durable, the laminated plastic covering on top of the plywood gives it a very chic look. Go ahead, travel in style and choose the Pro-work-cases which best suits your requirements.

Via: FlightCase