TaeWon Hwang’s Floor Plan Light switch helps you save electricity

floor plan switch1
The one difficulty that we can rarely avoid when standing before an unfamiliar switchboard is fumbling for the right switch. This inability to locate the correct switch for the correct light often stands to remain a lifelong embarrassment for people with poor memory, especially in homes with an elaborate lighting pattern.
To solve this issue in a more logical and instinctive manner TaeWon Hwang, Civil Engineer at Hyundai Asan, Korea, has designed an innovative Floor Plan Light Switch. This single panel switch, designed in the shape to the floor plan of the house, leaves behind no doubt with the beholder about the switch for the respective light.

floor plan switch2
Eco-friendly features
For a greener world, individually the foremost effort is exercised to save electrical power as by doing so we not only save on carbon emissions but also on costs, cut down the smog in the air and above all, we facilitate future energy crisis. TaeWon Hwang‘s intuitive switch design lights up the whole house from one point, hence reduces the wastage of electricity effortlessly, as lights can be switched on (or off) only when required. A single switch location in fact controls the entire house’s lighting, however multiple switches can also be placed in homes with complex light patterns.

Via: Yanko Design

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