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Tame: Transparent coffee table



Melik Kemal Sabuncu


Designer Melik Kemal Sabuncu has designed a unique, unusual and striking coffee table that represents class, style and sophistication. Mainly designed for inside usage, Tame is a transparent coffee table, which creates strong visual and creative impact that ultimately uplifts the décor of the room. Being transparent in nature, it makes the room look more spacious and vast.

What’s unique

Tame coffee table is designed and manufactured from plexiglass that helps creating a strong structure, which is stylish yet sophisticated. Being shatterproof, plexiglass makes the table shatter resistant and highly durable. Moreover, Tame also turns out to be an absolutely safest glass coffee table in case you have children at home.

High points

When compared with other coffee tables, Tame gains full points in style, shape, usability and safety. With its transparency, Tame coffee table generates a visual illusion that makes the room look quite large and spacious. Moreover, it beautifully displays a modern and fluent form that makes it far different from other coffee tables. In addition, this beautiful coffee table is available in many striking hues. You can choose from bright red, cool blue or electric green to jazz up your interiors.