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Tangle Free CableBox keeps cables from showing their ugly face

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At times we all wish we could organise all cords, adaptors, chargers, cables and power strips etc and make life under our computer table neat, easier and tangle-free. How much ever we do to conceal cables and wiring for our study and TV, yet the tangled cords and cables peep out from behind or under the study tables and TV trolleys. Now designers have come up with a CableBox. It is an organized house of sorts for all our cables, cords, plugs and adaptors. Just place the power strip inside this sophisticated box which has outlets on both sides and plenty of room for adaptors and plugs and extra cables. Close the lid and place this box behind TV trolley or under computer table and they’ll make floors and walls look neat and tidy and very easy to clean.

It has rubber underneath which makes sure it doesn’t slip. In fact even surge protectors or UPS can be put inside this box. No open plug points. CableBox is a quite child friendly concept too (toddlers are forever fascinated with tangled cords and cables). They are portable and can be used in any office or home space. Moreover, the CableBox is made of fire retardant plastic material making it a safe electrical accessory. They come in sober colors of black and white.

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