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Tea House: Irresistibly unique!

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Magnificent, awe-inspiring, incredible… are the few adjectives that come to mind when one sees the tea house by David Maštálka / A1 Architects. Situated in a beautiful garden setting in Prague, Czech Republic, based on the Japanese concept of minimizing the place to meet with the guests for a cup of tea, this beautiful oak construction stands on the stones obtained from the pond nearby. As you step inside the tea house, it’s all set to take you with a surprise. On one side, there is a panoramic view of the garden, while on the other side there is a clay parget and the dome above plastered with the paper creates a beautiful ambiance.
You will be a perfect host when it comes to small gatherings; sitting on the mat with the black welded hearth you will get the feel of true Japanese tradition and hospitality, though in your own style. An ideal place to attain solace and harmonize with your spiritual self due!

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Via: Archdaily