The Balcony BBQ brings the goodness of summer outdoor cooking to apartments

Apartment dwellers
often tell their suburban dwelling friends about just how great their life is
that they get to stay out as late and get to live within walking distance of
their offices, great shops, top rated restaurants and nightclubs.

suburbaners often hit back at apartment dwellers  by telling them how lovely it is to have a
spacious backyard where they can hold BBQ parties all though the summer and
socialize with friends and family while making great savings.

And most apartment
dwellers have not retort for this argument as their balconies are not nearly
spacious enough to accommodate a suburban backyard sized BBQ unit. Fortunately,
The Balcony BBQ s a brand new product that bring the joys of at-home BBQ to
apartment dwellers.

The unit
stands at around 2 feet long which provides enough space to grill food for a
few folks. The best aspect of the BBQ unit is that it can easily be attached to
balcony railings when one needs to BBQ and can also be removed just as easily
to free the space up.

Another advantage
of the handy BBQ unit is that it can also be taken on camping trips and excursions
to the beach or the park. And if you don’t plan on using the unit through the
winter, you can always use it as a planter and grow herbs and tomatoes etc.
the petite BBQ grill retails for $94.

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