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The Dreyfuss special: Phone sustainability at its best

the dreyfuss special

‘The Dreyfuss special’ phone, from ‘Uncle Oswald is My Hero‘ has been manufactured from Dreyfuss handsets, made of Bakelite. Being the least environment friendly material, this project aims to give new life to beautifully designed G1 handsets and at the same time increase the sustainability of the environment. Two birds with one stone as their philosophy,the designers chose to use Dreyfuss telephone handsets because of its brilliant design and enduring familiarity. The stone was of aiming to inspire fellow designers to recycle deigns from yesterday and turn them in to something useful today. While having this aim, they had two birds at the target,taking old nostalgic products to give them new life and at the same time be friendly to the environment. This becomes a sustainable product for our generation, inspiring us to be a Eco-friend, when it means the most. With its appealing design and decent sound quality, it is sure to appeal the Gen-X. The final model is in the stage of being manufactured and wears the price tag of £20.

the dreyfuss special2

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Thanks Justin Kim, Jinsop Lee
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