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The EVA De-light-Decorative light for contemporary interiors!

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Name the lamp and you get it here. The EVA lamps is a huge collection of designs in lightings which ranges from table lamps and ceiling lamps to decorative chandeliers. This trendy delight is not just a work of art but also a technological wonder. The same Eva lamp can be used in various ways but adjusting the lengths of its stainless steel supports on either ends. It can be used as a table lamp, reading lamp or a standard lamp by extending its bottom supports, or as a hanging lamp using its top supports. High end technology in the lamp enables us to control the lightings with a simple natural gesture. The light, its intensity, the luminosity can all be varied using gestures. Thus, the same lamp can be used to create different atmospheres and moods in the same room. When more light is required as in a “public” or “reception area”, we can increase the luminosity, and give a savory lighting to the room. Similarly, on decreasing the luminosity, we could also get a “cozy and personal area” kind of look to the room.


These lamps are manufactured by Adach Christopher, who is an interior designer based in the United Kingdom. The lamp consists of a Epoxy-finished brass handle, which is mounted with a plastic shade with four incandescent bulbs and a tension-mounted stainless-steel rod is used for giving the support.

It uses the lamp-wide architecture and has a lighting unit that can be slided up or down over the steel rod, enabling us to give the correct height and light the room to our creativity. As per our wish, we could set the mood of the room according to our wish, by using the slide controls to tune the lighting intensity of the lamp. The higher you slide the lamp brighter the lamp gets.

This unique lamp is certainly the work of art, with its stunning looks and sleek look. The technology and the multiple roles that it can play in lighting your room makes it a wonderful addition to your rooms lightings. It certainly is a house owners de “light” to have one of these in your perfect home.

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