The latest smart home integrations and compatible products for your Google Home

Smart homes have become the new norms of homes today. More people shifting to this concept, and the needs and demands for compatible products are growing. With different smart home products launching every year, a platform is needed for connecting to them and controlling them. Google Home is one such platform that allows you to connect to your smart home products. Now word has it that the company has worked on upgrading this platform to add new products and companies to the list.

Introducing the upgraded version of Google Home Smart Assistant

The Google Home Smart Assistant gives you a variety of features, and with the latest updates hitting the market, you can expect to do a lot more with it. The owners of Google home have many pleasant surprises coming their way with the latest release. Now, apart from managing your smart home, you can also use your Google Home to make calls. This is because it is equipped with the feature that can connect to your contact list on the phone and dial the number that you want. Another good thing about this new update is that you can also make official calls to various companies by calling their name.

The latest press release tells you everything you need to know

If you go through the latest press release on the Google Home, you will find a lot of useful information about the latest upgrades that comes along with it. This virtual assistant comes with the Bluetooth connectivity feature as well as audio support. Along with that, the company has also worked on the compatibility list and added a few more compatible products that you can connect with through your Google Home Assistant. From music streaming, when you have the internet connectivity, to a home speaker when you are offline, this one gadget will do the trick in every way.

The Google Assistant and Google home is integrated with wink, TP-Link, LIFX, Insignia Connect and August home products. These integrations are added to the supported list, which include Belkin WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, Nest and Honeywell, which are all equally compatible with Google Assistant and Google home.

Let us check out the integrations that Google has added for each of them

August home

The Google Home integration for August home is not that different from the rest of the integration, which are there on the list. You would need to take some time out to figure out the new integration and changes made, for example-the services list now includes the home control account settings.

Similarly, through the service list option, you can check the status of your smart lock and lock it, if it is equipped with the August Smart Lock. As per the update, the unlocking feature of the door is scheduled to release late in the year.

Insignia Connect

Although this may be a very small platform for home automation, but the company has plans to add a few more products to the list. The Wi-Fi smart plug of Insignia connect can be controlled easily with Google Home. The upcoming products that the company plans to launch in the market include smart home freezes that will notify you about open doors, power loss and change in temperature.


LIFX is known to provide a variety of smart lightening products. You can now use Google Home to switch on/off the lights, brighten or dim them, or to change their colors.


TP-Link is another good company that you can consider if you are looking out for switches, plugs, etc, which are compatible with Google Home. Your Google assistant can be used to connect to practically anything that is linked with TP link. Along with that, you can also operate your coffee machines and even toggle the lights.


Wink has released its most powerful version this year for Google Assistant and Google homes. This company is known for the variety of smart home or home-automated products. They offer a variety of different kinds of smart home devices that are also compatible with Google Home. You can use the devices of win products to control various connectivity Technologies like Lutron Clear connect, Kiddle, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth LE.

9 Best Smart Home devices compatible with Google Home

The advancements made in the fields of technology are remarkable. With each passing day new and newer gadgets have been developed to make life a bit easier for us. Now of late the popularity of the Google home ecosystem has grown. This is basically a smart home setup where you have to seldom worry about things and the gadgets will do half the work you previously had to remember to do. But for this you must also be able to find devices which are compatible with the system. For this reason in this article we will be telling you about the best smart home devices. These are all compatible with Google Hom

e and will give you the best of smart home experience.

The list of the best smart home devices

Philips Hue:

Philips Hue

There is a sense of magic when on your voice commands the lights can be dimmed or turned brighter or even made to change colors. Such is the capability of Philips Hue which can sync with the Google home system and give you a much better lighting experience. It is also one of the most affordable devices and has a variety of light options ranging from bulbs to light strips to bowl lamps. This is thus our first entrant in the list of the best smart home devices.


LifxThis too can make for a better lighting experience in your house. The specialty of this particular lighting is that it can be extremely simple to install and setup. This makes this a good choice for beginners with the smart phone. The price too is on the cheaper side and the variety on offer is that of 16 million colors and a thousand shades which indeed is one of the best you can get.


NestIf you are living in a cold region then the control of the thermostat can become quite a menace. This is where Nest makes it to the list of best smart home devices because it makes the controlling of the thermostat a lot easier. In fact, over time; the device can actually pick up from your habits. Equipped with smoke detectors and security cameras, Nest is among the best devices you can get your hands on which are also compatible with Google Home.

Tado’s  AC controls and the thermostats:

Tado’s  AC controls and the thermostatsThis makes your experience a lot better and your control much stronger. For instance, you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to look for the AC remote; as, this device will do the job for you. All you have to do is give out the instructions after saying ok Google. In the new generation of this device it even is equipped with algorithms that help in cost cutting. However for now they have not entered the US markets and are restricted to the UK.

Belkin WeMo Insight Switch:

BelkinThis smart plug also works on Amazon Alexa and does all that the other smart plugs are capable of. They can monitor the energy consumption and sense the overheating or over usage of a gadget. But possibly the best feature of this device can be used by the ones who use Nest. This device is capable of connecting to Nest to get information like if you are home or not. In case you are not home this will turn off all the devices; and, even protect from any incidents of short circuits. Priced at just $44 at Amazon this is a must have device and more so if you have the Nest.

Google Chromecast:

ChromecastSince this too is manufactured by Google it is no surprise that it is compatible with Google Home. The features provided by this device are that it can connect the phones and laptops with the television. While it makes your TV viewing experience a lot better; it is also effective when it comes to watching YouTube or Netflix on your television as it is compatible. Now just through the power of your voice you can enjoy your favorite videos on TV.

Samsung Smart Things:

Samsung Smart ThingsIt is one of the best smart home devices because it comes with different kinds of functions. Mainly it can be the well connected server to overview or scrutinize your smart home system. It is loaded with several sensors. This enables it to control the various other gadgets that you might have installed. Samsung Smart things thus is a must have for your smart home system.

Nest Camera IQ indoor:

Nest Camera IQ indoorWith such a smart home we bet that security features high on your priorities and this is where the Nest camera IQ indoor comes in handy. It is loaded with features like face recognition and 4K sensors and they can also be automatically activated when you leave the house simply by a voice command. Apart from this you can always see the live footage of any part of your house simply on your smart phones. No wonder this is among the best smart home devices when it comes to the security of the house.

August Smart Lock:

August Smart LockThe locks and keys when you leave your house or enter it can be a troublesome thing to handle. This is where the August Smart Lock comes in handy; this is because, now, you no longer need to keep a track of your keys and the locks. Instead simply by the voice commands it will open doors for you thus making your house safe and sound.

Final words

The devices that we discussed about are going to change the experience of handling your house for the better. These are some of the most affordable devices but the services they provide are by no means low cost. Apart from Google Home most of the device also works on Amazon Alexa. Try these out and we stand guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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