The Rise Of Temu: The Most Downloaded Shopping App In The U.S.

The Rise Of Temu The Most Downloaded Shopping App In The U.S

Temu, a new rising e-commerce platform is the most downloaded shopping app in the U.S. Temu was launched just around 3 months ago by Pinduoduo, a successful China e-commerce company who in 2021 alone was able to complete 61 billion orders. Temu is one of Pinduoduo’s ways to enter the international market after successfully receiving massive success in its home country.

So far Temu has successfully captured the U.S. market attention and brought a new wave of success among its other contenders. We can see the rise of Temu after several achievements, Temu acquired.

In September, the same month of its launch, Temu scored its first achievement by becoming the most downloaded mobile app in the shopping category at Google Play Store. This is definitely not the last, because on October 17 –Temu repeated its achievement by ranking as the No.1 shopping app on the iPhone App Store. Over placing Amazon, Shein, and Walmart –some of the usual apps that are the top shopping app among customers. This is a great achievement for an online marketplace platform that just recently joined the e-commerce space!

Why Is Temu Surging in Popularity?

Temu’s quick rise to the top is due to its wonderful and fresh offer to customers, which allows them to get high-quality products at a very affordable cost. In this current time and situation, people are more and more concerned about how they spend their money. Thus why they always try to find a way to buy what they want and need as economically as possible. With Temu, they are not only being economical, but customers can splurge on themselves easily too!

Why would you want to buy a wireless earphone for more than $150 just because of its brand, when you can have the same good working quality wireless earphone for not more than $12 through Temu?

Temu product’s value proposition is very affordable, but do not worry about the quality of the product, because you will get the best out of that affordable pricing. Temu prides itself in the quality of the product and its source, by carefully curating the best global merchant to be its partner. Temu also creates a comprehensive policy regarding product safety to follow through, if the partner violates it –Temu will take drastic measures to deal with it. All of these policies were made to ensure that customers won’t be disappointed with Temu’s product and overall service.

After three months after it was launched, this new e-commerce has attracted millions of customers. This will continue to do so, due to the wide array of high-quality products, complete with the affordable price compared to its rivals! On top of the products being affordable, customers can also get the other benefit in the form of free shipping without a minimum order, discount vouchers, and many other customer-centric services that can definitely enhance their shopping experience even more!

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