The smart way of mixing modern and traditional décor in your home

Two is always better than one, as some people say. This saying would most likely relate to home décor where featuring a single décor style would tend to become monotonous after a while. Opting for a mix of two styles can help create a difference that is both visually captivating and easy on the eye.

Unlike the common notion that mixing two styles, namely traditional and modern décor, together will result in chaos, there are many ways in which you can mix these two styles in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Accordingly, here are some tips that can help you with that.

You don’t need to balance them

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The trick to mixing two different décor styles with ease is not maintaining a perfect balance between the two. That’s right! A 50:50 ratio for both modern and traditional décor would only lead to a cluttered space that does not provide any meaning. As such, you need to opt for an unbalancing act between the two, placing more emphasis on the more dominant style.

Find out which décor style would need to be dominant in the room. Then choose an 80:20 ratio wherein 80% of the room’s décor features the dominant style, while the remaining 20% reflects the supporting style.

Choose colors that complement both décor styles

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Choose wall colors that complement both the traditional and modern décor styles. This will enable you to expand or shrink the balance on either side without creating visual clutter or confusion. One color that would suit both styles is grey which can highlight traditional patterns while enhancing the look of sleeker modern décor items as well.

Choose pieces that share attributes

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Rather than choosing individual décor pieces for each style, consider opting for pieces that share similar attributes of both styles. Strive to maintain a balance between the traditional and modern décor this way. For instance, a modern accessory like a floor lamp would work well in a traditional space while an antique chair will look completely at home in a modern space. However, this would be possible only as long as you don’t juxtapose extremes from both styles.

Alternate between contrasts

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Many interior designers would tell you that the secret to mixing two décor styles and getting away with it as well lies in alternating between the contrasts. They advocate that the perfect mix of traditional and modern home décor lies in complementing soft with hard, blocky with leggy and round with square.

Choose Simple Pieces

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Avoid cluttering the room with too many items of both décor styles. Don’t opt for more than three pieces to decorate any surface. In the case of a transitional space, treat each item individually and simply tie it to a decorative accessory. This will help you offer plenty of visual attractions from both décor styles without overcrowding the space.

The rule of the thumb in this case is to accent a modern room with a few traditional accessories and vice versa. Limit the traditional/modern influence to accents in the case of the supporting style, thus highlighting the dominant style while still giving a little amount of space for the supporting style to shine through. For instance, hanging a traditional painting in a modernistic dining room would combine both décor styles in an appropriate manner, offering enough space for each style to shine through as well as complement the other.

Blur the lines between both styles


In addition to opting for accents with similar attributes, consider blurring the lines between both traditional and modern décor styles. This can be easily achieved by introducing subtle style changes to each décor. For instance, you can top an antique lamp with a modern shade, or showcase an abstract artwork in an ornate frame. These tricks will help both styles blend in effortlessly; creating a striking amalgamation that will make the room stand out for sure.

Fancy adopting both the traditional and modern décor styles in a room? Then make use of these tips to create the perfect balance between both styles, thus creating a décor that is both modernistic and traditional without looking too cluttered or messy.

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