Timothy John’s Woven Collection

Timothy John’s Woven Collection


Timothy John


New Zealand based designer Timothy John has unraveled his highly interesting and beautiful Woven Collection that showcases lovely pieces of pendant lights, tables and clocks. The initial idea for this interesting collection was launched in the month of November, 2010 that focused on showing hand weaving and wrapping technologies.

What’s unique

The Woven Collection by Timothy John was widely covered by international publications. This artistic collection includes five beautiful and artistic pieces, which has been named as,

a. The Optimist pendant light

b. The Pessimist pendant light

c. The Deviant clock

d. The Traditional vase

e. The Exhibitionist table

Each piece from this collection is quite unique and pays homage to traditionalism and scale and weaving skill.

High Points

Every piece of this magnetic Woven Collection is exquisitely crafted from organic wicker felt textile and has been decked with highly glossy and graceful components. Moreover, these absolutely brilliant and beautiful pieces not only look super stylish but also hold some form of simplicity within itself.

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