Tips for Brightening Up Your Home

The atmosphere of a space, particularly your home, can have a large impact on your mood and your overall emotional state. This is why it is important to create an environment that is bright and lively. Of course, most people move into homes that have already been built and have little say in how their home was constructed. Due to this lack of control, you may find that your home is quite dark and lacking in vividness. Luckily, there are décor changes that you can make to ensure that your house looks a lot livelier to live in. Here are some transformations that you can make:

Paint the Walls a Lighter Color

 Paint the Walls

Are your walls colored in a darker shade of paint? If it is, this may be a contributing factor to the overall gloom of the house. It could also be making the interior of your home look a lot smaller than it actually is. This is because darker hues tend to absorb light rather than reflecting it; thus, making a space feel more confined. To counteract this, choose paler colors when painting the room. If you really want your home to be as bright as it can possibly be, you must go with white.

Open the Windows

Modern villa, interior

Natural sunlight will always be the best way to light up a room. This is why your best weapon when trying to brighten up a room are Ottawa windows. Make sure that these glass features do not have any large pieces of furniture or items near them. If you have anything particularly tall or bulky near your windows, it is best to move them to the opposite end of the room. This way, you allow the most amount of sunlight to enter in and illuminate the dark places in the room.

Use Sheer Curtains

 Sheer Curtains

You may not realize it, but using thick or dark curtains is actually hindering the amount of sunlight that enters a room. Even when they are tied up, these types of curtains automatically darken the space. In order to let more natural light in through the Mississauga windows, make sure that you use light or sheer curtains. It is also the best choice to keep these curtains in the palest possible colors. To optimize the brightening effect of the curtains, you should use white.

Use Mirrors


If the house has already been constructed, you may feel as though you have limited options with sunlight. After all, you probably do not want to create a new opening just to let more light in. Your option then is to simply work with what you already have. A cheap and simple way to do this is to use mirrors. Due to its reflective nature, mirrors are great for redirecting light to places that may typically be quite dark. By strategically placing mirrors on the wall, you can guide the sunlight to where you want it to go.

White Light

lights 1

If you are still not satisfied with how much light is being let in, take a look at your bulbs. Are they yellow in color or white? Though yellow bulbs may seem cozier, the glow that they cast can often dull the atmosphere of the room. Make sure the bulbs give off white light to illuminate the space better.

Use these little tricks and you will be surprised by how much brighter and cheerful your house will become. You will be unable to get over the difference it will make.

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