Tips On How To Perfectly Mix Metals In Home Decorating

Mix Metals In Home Decorating

When it comes to home décor, some of the best solutions are those that are the simplest. It is not at all difficult to end up with a perfect design when you simplify your overthinking. Matching metals together is not something that is difficult. However, most people just try too hard or think about it too much. Fortunately, there are many different ways in which metals can be perfectly mixed.

Below you can find some suggestions that you can consider if your desire is to mix metals in your home décor. They will help you end up with something that looks much better than initially imagined.

Take It Slow With Art

Mix Metals In Home Decorating

Every person that is rather new with metal mixing should start small. You want to first think about mixing metal frames and art, throwing everything together in wall galleries or just adding one item at a time. One of the great parts of using metals for art frames is that this automatically creates a different atmosphere in the room.

If you do not want to have a wall with art, scatter items all around the room. It is not at all difficult to find combinations that work perfectly if you just experiment. When you believe that something does not look right, move the frame or some frames in other parts of the home or room.

Consider Using Black Metals First

Gunmetal, iron and all other black metals will work very well with almost anything. Black metal is exquisite when combined with brass or gold. This is, in fact, a favorite among many interior designers in areas like bedrooms or living quarters.

When you first decorate with the use of black metals, you gain the huge advantage of being able to experiment with something that is completely safe. As you get the hang of using black metals with other metals, you can get more explicit and choose other options.

Mix Overhead Lighting With A New Metal


Just as you when you add tungsten rings to your jewelry box, a great place to start making a change is to first opt for areas that few people see. When we buy jewelry we first buy a new type of necklace. When you start using metals, a great place to start experimenting is the ceiling.

Overhead lighting will be far enough from room accessories so why not try to add some sort of different material than what you already have in the room? As an example, when you have stainless steel kitchen appliances and chrome faucets, try to add a bronze finish to pendant lights. The result will be visually stunning.

One Piece With Multiple Metals

Last but not least, when there are different metals featured in a room and you feel everything is disjointed, the fast remedy is to look for an accessory that does incorporate the metals. When you just throw this single item in the room it will make everything look unified, creating the effect that everything perfectly matches. This is a fast trick that is also cheap.

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