Use These Smart Home Gadgets 2018 To Turn Your Sweet Homes Into Smart Ones

Who isn’t in love with their sweet homes? You toil hard with blood and sweat to build from scratch a dream with bricks. Finally, when you bring it to fruition, you stand tall with pride. Homes aren’t made of only stones or cements; they are made of love, passion, and dedication as well. This is precisely why your home deserves the best. There is no doubt that your home is your sweetest possession. However, adding a little bit of ‘smart’ quality to your home wouldn’t hurt. From doorbells to lightings, and from the kitchens and your loved ones – here are 4 smart home gadgets 2018 that will give your sweet home a touch of smart technology.

1. Nest Hello Doorbell:

The entrance door is indeed a door to the soul of your house. When you open the doors of your house for anyone, you are basically inviting them to your precious, little world. Hence, your house door deserves a smart technology the most.

That’s where the Nest Hello Doorbell steps in. For $229, this doorbell is an electronic security guard for your house. It comes with an embedded HD video camera, which allows you to see who’s on the other side of the door (even on your phone). Moreover, this doorbell has a built-in microphone and speaker. It allows you to communicate with the person who rang the doorbell – even when you are hours away from your home.

Nest Hello Doorbell is indeed a landmark when it comes to smart technology for smart homes. It is economical and efficient. Invest in one the best smart ideas for a smart home. You will not regret it.

2. Light Dimmer:


A single light, done right, can enhance the overall appearance of your house. But who has the energy to walk from one part of the house to the other, every single time, just to switch on and off the lights? Plus, if your living space is spacious, you will need multiple lights in every room. That just makes it harder to adjust the lighting inside your house. But, there is a bright solution to this.

Add Light Dimmer to the list of smart electronic gadgets for your home. The Lutron kit allows you to adjust and control the lights in your home, from anywhere in your home. For instance, you can dim the bedroom lights by sitting comfortably on your sofa in the living room.

Yes, now you don’t have to miss any second of that live cricket match on your TV because of the lights in any other parts of your home! And if you are spending a romantic evening with a loved one, you can leave it to the Lutron kit to do the magic for the two of you!

At $60, this dazzling technology for smart homes comes with a remote control as well as an in-wall dimmer. Your investment in the one of the best smart ideas for a smart home will bear better results if own Amazon Echo. With this device, you will not even have to use a remote control – your voice will do the work!

3. Pet Camera:

You are probably lying if you say that you don’t love pets. You are surely lying if you say that you don’t have one at your house. Pets (be it dogs or cats) are the beings that turn your house into a home. If you have a pet (or pets) at home, you know what it is like to keep an eye out for their safety. Well, if your pet’s safety is your concern, then here is a smart technology for smart homes that will ensure that your pets are always out of the harm’s way.

Introducing PetCube. This stylish cubical technology for smart homes will stream live videos to your smart devices when your pet is at home without you. This will ensure that your pet doesn’t hurt itself by eating the wrong kind of food or chewing on the wrong kind of stuff. PetCube will allow you to go anywhere you like, without worrying about the fate of your pets.

Priced at only $145, PetCube is definitely one of the best smart ideas for a smart home. So, if you can’t stop worrying about your pets at work, be sure to get hold of one of the most efficient smart home gadgets 2018.

4. Drop Scale – One of the most delicious smart home gadgets 2018 has to offer:

If you are one of those people who cannot cook right – even to save your life- you are in trouble. When you cannot estimate the amount of veggies or sauce that should go in a burger, it is hard to prepare one. It is extremely difficult to pour the right amount of water of add the right amount of spices to a dish, especially if you are a beginner in cooking. However, one of the smart electronic gadgets for your home is a highly effective kitchen appliance.

Drop Scale is a smart (very smart) baking scale. Instead of the average baking scale, use Drop Scale. It will do much more than weighing your ingredients for you. It will turn your cooking experience into a visual one by calibrating every ingredient that is required in a particular recipe. Now all you have to do is select a mouth-watering recipe, count the number of people who will eat this dish, and sit back while Drop Scale measures everything for you.

At $80, Drop Scale is one of those smart electronic gadgets for your home that is here to turn your cooking experience on its head. In the end, you will be glad.

These are just 4 of the best smart gadgets 2018 has offered us yet. This year is all about ‘smarting up’ – for your home and your life. Though the list of smart technological gadgets is endless, smart home gadgets 2018 are here to with ace technology for smart homes. Use these smart ideas for a smart home. Invest in smart electronic gadgets for your home. Be smart – it will surely pay off.

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