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Tok Took power plug ensures safety, saves energy as well

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Simply unplugging electrical appliances not in use saves a lot of energy, so don’t you think they should be kept unplugged unless you need them? Well, if you have a green thumb, you will definitely contribute towards saving the planet, as does this Tok Took power plug. The power plug is a commendable effort from designer Soon Mo Kang that ensures safety. Tok Took works basically on the toggle system, just like the toggle pen, making it easy and convenient to use. The joining section remains concealed to hold the other end, thus dipping the risk of electric shock.

They are also easy to remove just with the press of a button, so just be cautious that you save energy by unplugging it. The plug also reduces the inconvenient elements which users cannot help bending their body to put out the plug in an unspecific place. In addition, you need not worry about the long cord, as the body of the plug offers the place to wind up in the body and put plug up on it.

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Via: Yankodesign