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Tom, Dick & Harry!

tom dick harry
The name is not for some placeholder for multiple unspecified people (as said in normal terms), but is a kitchen storage jars that will add style to your kitchen area. From Thabto design, Tom, Dick & Harry is a set of porcelain tea, sugar and coffee storage jars. The glints in their eyes indicate what’s inside- T: tea, S: sugar & C: coffee. The airtight heads have room to fit the handle of a spoon. This is how the three characters are described. Tom with the large tummy is full of Camomile, Earl Grey or Breakfast Blend, and has large room to hold tea. Dick with the belly of beans says about Espresso, Latte or Cappuccino. Last but not the least Harry comes with a belly full of sugar, ever so sweet. Won’t you love to have the three sweet chaps on your kitchen shelves?

tom dick harry1
tom dick harry2

Via: Industrial design served