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Tooth Guardian displays your teeth on mirror while brushing

Do you have a fear visiting the dentist regularly? You might have as one is not able to see what goes inside the teeth. But now this will be a talk of the past as two young scientists namely Yu Hsin Lin and Chu Che Chang have come up with a tooth guardian which is a developing concept, as of now. The tooth guardian will ensure that one does not have to visit the dentist unnecessarily.

tooth guardian

This will be made possible by the integration of a camera into the toothbrush. The camera will capture all the minute details of your teeth, as you get down brushing the teeth in the morning.

The vision captured will appear simultaneously in the mirror. The person will be aware of minute cavities that have been forming in the teeth. Early detection of cavities will be possible. The damage done will be analyzed early and suitable remedy can be devised.

This will not be possible in the absence of tooth guardian. In case tooth guardian is not at work, cavities cannot be detected earlier, as it is not possible to detect them unless they start troubling the person. The dentist cannot do much in case of serious complications. Tooth extraction is the only possible remedy in such circumstances, which certainly can be avoided in case a tooth guardian is used.


The tooth guardian will have an LED light on back of the toothbrush. It will have a micro CCD, which will help capture the inside view of the mouth. The image will be displayed on the bathroom mirror and one will be able to get an inside view of the mouth.

The tooth guardian is a concept that will materialize as rapid developments in health care sector come up. Innovative concepts as tooth guardian will take time to develop and will bring revolution in health sector.

Source: Gizmag