Top 10 energy saving washing machines

Over time, washing machines have come to acquire an indispensable position in a modern household. They have been through many makeovers and face lifts, each time adding something new and innovative to the whole lot of benefits it offers. With energy saving home appliances being the trend of the day, take a look at the top 10 user-friendly, energy saving washing machines.

Super Fast Washing Machine from Russell Hobbs

super fast washer from russell hobbs qvvqa 37821

Here is the machine that tops the list; it promises a record time for washing and cleaning laundry. As compared to the average ninety minutes for any washing machine, this super fast machine takes just 12 minutes. The technology used in this splendid machine, reduces water requirement by 15% and energy requirement by 30% leaving you with huge savings on your energy bills. Priced at 300 GBP for the 7kg graphite model, 247 GBP for the white machine and 320 GBP for the 9kg white model, the value for money in this machine is simply terrific.

ASKO ActiveDrum washing machines

active drum washer w6884eco rsuf2 37821

A smart washing machine with a sleek finish, the ASKO ActiveDrum machine enables sensible washing. With a 7kg washing capacity, the user can choose from 12 intelligently programed options for a perfect wash. Regarded as a machine that fights toughest stains, offers washes at various temperatures and speeds, this one is technologically advanced and provides for trouble free and safe washing. The special temperature regulating feature of the Active Drum, assures energy saving up to 60%. The Sensi save, Temperature Sensor, Balance control and ASKO Logic are advanced programs that this machine boasts and sets it a class apart.

Fully loaded Whirlpool AWOE 9559 eco friendly washer

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This machine is yet another classic addition to the futuristic energy saver range of machines. Equipped with the 6th Sense Technology, this machine is said to have an ‘A’- 30% energy saving rating. With its cutting edge technology, it provides for effective utilization of resources for an impeccable wash. The Super Eco is one of its programs that uses reduced tumbling and increased soaking thereby saving energy up to 40%. With a capacity of 9kg, the Whirlpool AWOE 9559 provides for high utility function.

Panasonic to debut energy and water saving washers in Asia

panasonic washer ruwmu 69

Panasonic announced the launch of its new range of water and energy saving machines in a few months across Asian countries. The machines enabled with the “eco-wash” system, used high end technology that provides for washing without using much water. It also has some advanced programs that ensure reduced power consumption.

LG’s Eco-Steam washing machines save water, electricity and your clothes too

lg9kgsteamdirectdrive zcaxv 15699

Here is a flamboyant machine that provides exceptional advantages by using steam washing. If you are under the impression that steam washing consumes heavy energy, then perhaps you are mistaken. This LG Eco-Steam machine is an ultra energy saver and helps cutting 21% and also equally saves water usage to a whopping 35%. So if you are looking at saving on some money, then invest in this smart, sensible washer.

New Energy Saving washer from Kenmore

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The great SteamCare technology that this washer is equipped with is the primary highlight. It ensures a stupendous 77% saving in power and 73% less water. Certainly not pocket friendly, it has features that scores high above many others.

Indesit debuts eco-friendly washing machines

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Indesit now adds to its Hotpoint range, two new advanced machines, Ultima and Aquarius. These machines are said to possess further energy efficient qualities and advantages as compared to its other machines. As a part of the Waste & Recycling Action Plan (WRAP), this project was taken up and these two washing machines have been designed with highly fascinating technologies.

Maytag 11kg washing machine

11kg washing machine maytag

Maytag Premium Super Capacity washing machine, the MWA1112FBS has a exceptional capacity for any domestic washing machine. This machine is equipped with technology to provide for a perfect wash with minimum water and energy needs. Since it takes in a load of 11 kg at once, it certainly assures further energy and water saving. Its terrific ECO steam facility promises the most environmentally friendly wash, leaving no compromise on tough and rigid stains. This machine also offers a whole of unique benefits like the 4-hour delayed start option, sensitive wash for allergy prone skin, a mixed load of cotton and synthetic garments and 15 programmed options for smart washing.

Gorenje WA60125: A New Eco-Friendly Washing Machine

eco friendly washing machine gorenje wa60125 rect5

Enabled with the splendid UseLogic technology, the WA60125, debuted by Gorenje ensures washing with very little water and energy consumption. This technology, also constantly checks on the detergent that is being used promising a 20% decrease in its consumption. This machine also comes with several programmed modes, the most suited one being the 17-minute Quick Wash option. With a whole of laudable features, this machine definitely provides an edge over other machines in the same line.

AEG washing machine with A-30% energy efficiency and new load sensor.

aeg l84950 huge 8kg a rated washing machine t59850

The new and advanced AEG-Electrolux Lavamat L84950A3 is a spectacular washing machine that provides for a super efficient, high performance wash every single time. Designed with the SuperEco program, this machine effectively cleans with available resources. An ‘A’ rating for its energy saving function, this one also excels in providing some unique benefits and special highlight features.

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