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Transforming ‘Landcape bathtub’ from Roca


With ever increasing problem of wastage of limited resources, time is no far that we will be left with no choice than to be satisfied with the limited resources available. Designed by Yaroslav Rassadin, the Roca Landscape Bathtub is one of the coolest designs that is specifically designed to meet the limited resources of energy and space. A shower deck during the fast morning, a long relaxing bathtub during evening speaks for the cool transformation of Landscape Bathtub that takes the bathtub designing to whole new levels. Made up of transformable thick silicon/rubber including an air pumping mechanism inside, the bathtub offers vibro-massage feature, an option to resize the bathing area as per the individual’s need taking into consideration the proper usage of space and water. Shortlisted (TOP 10) at 4th Edition of Jump the Gap International Design Contest by Roca, the Landscape bathtub is surely gonna be take your bathroom designing to new levels.

Via: Tuvie