Transforming a Reclaimed Wood Pallet into a Beautiful Coffee Table

Did you ever think that you could work on a DIY project and create some wonderful pieces of reclaimed wood furniture? Yes, you may now do this by picking up a simple pallet and turning it into a cool coffee table. Check out how to work on this DIY project.Reclaimed Wood Pallet Coffee Table_1

Materials required:

1 reclaimed wood shipping pallet; 1 box of nails (2-inch, flathead); 200 grit sandpaper; handsaw; hand clamp; hammer; measuring tape; paint

How to source materials:

While you may find almost everything at a hardware or home improvement store, you may have to check out with those stores if they have shipping pallets that they need to discard. You should not find it difficult to grab a single pallet. In fact, a store would be happy to clear its space by offering it for your DIY project. Thus, you should call up a few local stores and check with them to pick up a shipping pallet. As soon as you get one, you can start working on your project.


To create a nice solid oak coffee table, you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Check the side of your reclaimed wood pallet that looks better. This side can be used as the top side of your table. Be wary of the company logs and designs printed on the pallet. You should take care of these prints if you need to stain your pallet.

Step 2: Use your hammer’s claw end to remove all crossbeams and slats. Just leave the slat in the center to provide support to the bottom of your pallet.

Reclaimed Wood Pallet Coffee Table_3

Step 3: Keep the topside of your pallet up and use the removed slats to fill up gaps between existing attached slats. You should find it difficult because their size should be fit for the gap.

Step 4: Now, it is time to nail the slats to your pallet’s outer frame. Use a hammer and 2-inch nails to do this task.

Step 5: After this, pick up two of the removed crossbeams. Use a measuring tape to measure their distance and then mark their center. From this marked point, cut the beams into half.

Step 6: Now, turn the top side of your pallet making it face down. You will have four inside corners. Attach every piece of the cut beams to each corner in a firm manner. You should use a hand clamp for this and then nail the piece to the pallet frame. Make sure that it is securely done. Follow the same procedure for each corner. This will give you four legs of your coffee table.


Step 7: Measure the width of each leg from its outer edge. Now, cut the remaining two slats of the same measure. These slats have to be nailed to the backside of each leg for support purposes.

Step 8: The above steps complete the construction of your coffee table. Now, you can use sandpaper to give a smoother finish to your table’s surfaces. Use paint in your favorite color and start painting your coffee table. Do a few coats of this paint after it dries each time. Your beautiful coffee table is now ready for display.


You may easily create your own coffee table from a pallet of reclaimed wood. In fact, you can use reclaimed wood to create a variety of furniture items in a greener way.

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