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Trash Know: Waste disposal has never been this easy

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You have certainly used a toilet roll, haven’t you? Here is a dustbin that uses a tissue roll as well. Based on the theory used in toilet rolls, designer Tsai Cheng-Yu has come up with a simply ingenious approach to dispose of the garbage. Designed for Unique Art, and hailed as “Thrash Know,” the dustbin is rightly named. Functional and practical, the bin features a disposable liner which is easy to dispose of when filled up. The bin carries a roll dispenser at the bottom of the bin holding the liners. Once the thrash is filled up, just simply tie a knot on the top and tear the liner to dispose of it. To prepare another disposal, just pull the liner and here you are ready to throw the debris. Isn’t it cool and simple enough? Check out the video for the demo.

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Via: Yanko Design