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Uses of Coffee in Your Home Go Beyond a Beverage

There are so many things that you can do with the beverage having the greatest caffeine, coffee. Yes, before you gulp down your countless cups of coffee, check out the immense possibilities of your favorite beverage. Here are some amazing uses of coffee beyond a beverage.

Using is as a Deodorizer for your Freezer and Fridge

Coffee Deodorizer for your Freezer

Has something gone wrong inside your refrigerator and is spoiling the surroundings with foul smell. The best thing to do in this case would be to throw away the spoilt food item and then place a bowl full of dry coffee grounds inside the fridge. Within a couple of days, the foul smell will vanish and you will have the aromatic odor of the coffee. You can do the same inside the freezer and check the difference.

Using it to Deodorize Your Car

car pooling

You can evaporate bad odor with old coffee grounds, because the sweet aroma of coffee is fragrant and stays for long. Using it to deodorize your car is a great option, especially if you have pets and small kids. For doing this, first dry the coffee grounds on a baking sheet, then fill up an old sock with the grounds, and put them inside the car.

For Scrubbing Pots and Pans

For Scrubbing Pots and Pans

Do not trash your old coffee grounds and simply use them to glint your pans and pots. All you need to do is sprinkle some coffee grounds on the utensils and scrub them thoroughly to get a beautiful shine.

Getting Rid of Smell from Your Hands

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When you chop some highly fragrant herbs like garlic and onions or cooking fish, then make sure you wash your hands with some coffee grounds. Simply rub the coffee grounds on your hands and get rid of the pungent smell. Coffee is a great exfoliant too.

Using Coffee to Camouflage Scratches in Wood

Using Coffee to Camouflage Scratches in Wood

Wooden furniture usually goes through its fair share of chipping, scratches and nicks. Now, you can get rid of all those ugly marks by using coffee. For this, simply put a few spoons of instant coffee in a bowl and add enough water to make thick paste. Apply the mixture on the area using cotton and rub off the excess. Let it dry to remove the scratches.

Using Coffee for as a Pest Repellant

Using Coffee for as a Pest Repellant

Bugs and pests detest the smell of coffee grounds. Many people believe that it is due to the strong smell, while others think that the caffeine and acidity does the trick. Well, if you have a garden infested with snails, slugs and ants then use your coffee grounds to keep them at bay. Apart from that, if you think that your neighbor’s cats are urinating in your garden, then mix your coffee grounds with orange peels and sprinkle them around to keep them away from your garden.

Fertilize Your Garden with Coffee Grounds


Coffee grounds can also be a great fertilizer for your plants and you will not have to keep replenishing the nutrients of your soil every now and then. Coffee grounds are full of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium and other trace minerals that plants require for growth. However, you need to know that it is not appropriate to add coffee directly to the soil, because of its high acidic properties, but you can add coffee grounds directly. For doing this the right way, mix half a pound of coffee grounds with five gallons of water in a bucket. Let the concoction settle in overnight. By morning, you will be ready with some effective liquid fertilizer that is both eco friendly and safe to use.


The next time you are left with coffee grounds, do not dispose them. Simply collect them and use them in a good way for improving your garden, getting rid of pests and increasing the fertility of the soil.