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Ventopop – A collection to honor Pop Art

ventopop table and suspension1
Pop Art is no longer a popular art and has almost vanished. However, paying honor to Pop Art culture, Arturo Álvarez has emerged with a beautiful collection. The collection is named “Ventopop” and comprises suspension lamps and table. Taking inspiration from the 1950s and ’60s art, the design of these lamps fill up with self-confidence and rebelliousness. Ventopop with its magical appearance changes in a unique piece, transgressor, and is full of vitality and movement. The lamps are something different from the standard and neutral colors and come with an entirely novel and fresh look.

Available in a limited edition, the lamps will be signed, numbered and accompanied by a guarantee and authenticity certificate. This limited edition is certain to excite the Pop Art collectors, that love unique and original pieces and the nostalgia of the ’60s.

ventopop suspension
ventopop suspension1
ventopop table
ventopop table1