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Want an Energy Efficient Home? It’s All About the Roof

Want an Energy Efficient Home

As everybody knows, heat rises, which has significant implications when building an energy-efficient home. Just like people wear a toque in winter because the top of your head is the first place where heat escapes, the heat rising throughout your home is also looking to get out somewhere.

If you have an old, leaky roof, it’s liable to let cold air in and out. Energy efficiency is all about retaining a comfortable indoor temperature while using as little energy as possible to keep it that way.

Here’s how the right roof can help you maintain an energy-efficient home.

Thermal Regulation and Water Barrier

Thermal RegulationOn a basic level, a roof’s main job is to keep all forms of moisture away from the home so that rot never gets a chance to set in. Once one drop of water gets inside the house, more are on their way! Soon, you’ll need a bucket to collect drips from the ceiling.

Roofs also play a huge role in thermal regulation. By trapping the heat in winter, your home’s furnace or electric heaters don’t have to work as hard. Similarly, by preventing the sun’s hot rays from penetrating inside during summer, you’re A/C unit will require less energy.

If you suspect your roof may have a leak or you haven’t had it replaced in a couple of decades, call BBB-accredited experts like Professional Roofers over so they can take your call and give you the best estimate.

The money you pay upfront will come back to you over the years as your improved roof lowers your monthly hydro bills and prevents the need for expensive repairs down the road. New asphalt or metal roof shingles can dramatically strengthen your home against the elements.

Green Roofs

What absorbs rain and sunshine better than plants and soil? Green roofs are becoming a popular way for buildings, usually commercial buildings like office towers or hotels, to lower their energy bills.

Some modern energy-efficiency innovations require fancy technology. A Green roof is a simple enough concept, but it does require more technology than simply growing vegetation on the roof.

A Green roof partially or fully covers the roof, with a thin waterproof-membrane underneath. Some Green roofs require an irrigation system and a root barrier.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels installationWhy not use the sun’s rays to your advantage? Placing solar panels on your roof is a fantastic way to channel natural energy and turn it to your advantage.

Depending on where you live, there may be a local rebate system to help you shoulder the upfront cost of buying the panels. Some people, perhaps in more remote locations, use the energy they produce themselves. Others sell it back to the grid to recoup their investment.

Thankfully, concern for energy efficiency has exploded in the past decade, and it shows no signs of letting up. If you tend to your roof now, your home will last longer, and you’ll spend considerably less money to keep it at a comfortable indoor temperature.

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