Seven water saving toilets with built-in washbasins

Toilets with built-in washbasinsPotable freshwater is fast becoming a scarce resource in many countries owing to the alarming rate at which it is being wasted. This precious element called H2O is something that no living being can live without. There are some countries, where drinking water is scarce and people actually have to go walking for miles everyday to fetch water. Hence, it is our duty to save water and minimize its wastage at home to begin with. It is estimated that we waste a lot of water by not repairing leaking faucets. Furthermore, it is also estimated that one-third of our water consumption in the house is for toilets – which is something that we need to focus on and reduce it. These days, a lot of designers have come up with water-saving toilets that help us to save and recycle water. Here are seven such amazing ‘green’ toilets that would help us reduce the water crisis to a large extent!

1. Home Core all-in-one toilet concept

Home Core all-in-one toilet concept

The Home Core all-in-one toilet is a concept by industrial designer Dang Jingwei who has combined the toilet bowl with a vanity table, a sink and also a mirror! This concept would be an eco-friendly solution to the regular toilet designs wherein each flush wastes around 10 liters of potable water. This all-encompassing solution by Home Core comprises of a water storage tank that is located beneath the sink and that is what holds the gray water. The water is recycled inside this system which also has a green tap that regulates the pressure of the water for reducing wastage.

2. Eco Urinal

Eco Urinal

The Eco Urinal is a combined design that consists of a sink and urinal at the same place. This concept makes use of gray water for cleaning the urinal bowl. Designed by Yeongwoo Kim, this design is a one stop toilet that saves the water flush cycle as the water that is used to wash the user’s hands is later used to flush the urinal. This design also won the iF Concept Design Award in 2010.

3. Equa eco-friendly sink/ toilet

Equa eco-friendly sink/ toilet

The Equa is a green solution that comprises of a combined sink and urinal facility at the same place. Designed by Juliana Lopes, a designer from Brazil, this is a perfect solution to tackle the perennial problem of water wastage that occurs in the toilets. The Equa is hygienic and comfortable to use besides its aesthetic appeal. Apart from this, it regulates the amount of water that is used by reusing the water from the sink hence saving 25% of the water that would have been wasted.

4. Sink/Toilet Combo

Sink/Toilet Combo

The Sink Toilet Combo by Roca was a design that was featured at the London Design Festival. This toilet design is a self-sufficient water recycling device that not only recycles the used water for flushing your toilet but is also great on the aesthetic front. The cleaning mechanism of the Sink Toilet Combo is automated to avoid bad odors and bacteria. This would be a great design for smaller apartments as it manages waste water efficiently without compromising on the look and decor.

5. Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush

Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush

Dual flush toilets that save water are not new however, the Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush is different as it has an integrated hand sink with the toilet bowl which is the first of its kind. Not only is this model comfortable to use, but is also good for saving water and greatly reducing your water bills. After the process of flushing, the water used for washing hands is reused for the next flush, hence graywater is recycled inside a very neat design and also leads to a reduction in the consumption of toilet water by a whopping 74%!

6. Tlalokc


Designed by Ariel Rojo, the Tlalokc is a great eco-friendly toilet that helps you to save on 83% of the water that is used in the toilet. It recycles gray water – therefore, the water used while washing your hands is reused for flushing the toilet. The design is sleek and is not compromised upon.

7. Sustainable Toilet set

Sustainable Toilet set

Designed by Sal Ballesteros, the Sustainable Toilet Set is an innovative way to save water. The designer has attached the toilets to the sinks for recycling gray water. This toilet set comes with a dual flush for both lighter and fuller use – hence the user is to decide what is required appropriately. This design is hygienic and efficiently recycles the water. This toilet is not only eco-friendly but looks very elegant, making it a great asset for your toilets!

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