Five water saving shower heads for sustainable bath

Eco friendly showerheads

The accelerated exhaustion of natural resources warrants us to embark on energy efficient technologies to save these valuable resources while we still have time. Advent of new and eco friendly technologies assists in making a better use of the existing facilities and turning them into eco friendly alternatives that cause less harm to the nature. It’s not a new concept in the US and energy efficient shower heads are attracting lot of attention and foraying into other developed and developing countries.

The effectiveness of shower heads can be measured in terms of sustained water flow, speed of ensuing water, the size of the shower head, spray dispersion and the ratio of pressure conversion inside the head to flow outside. Let’s check out some of the pioneers in designing and manufacturing energy efficient shower heads:

1. Water Therapy LED shower:

Combining chromotherapy with rain effect was the idea behind this energy efficient shower head which was designed by Guglielmi. This alluring shower head incorporated 480 individual LED lights with different monochromatic or multi chromatic effects to enhance the bathing experience.

2. EcoRain AST-233E:

A revolutionary concept in energy efficient shower heads, the head houses 60 individual nozzles that create a 60% wide spray coverage and also channel water in a more efficient way that saves over a gallon of water as compared to the conventional shower heads.

3. Enviro Friendly’s 3 star rated shower heads:

These shower heads save water, electricity and thus saves your penny as quoted by the University of Newcastle. These shower heads insert an air bubble into the water droplets thus making the water to stick to one’s body for a longer time and thus ensuring enhanced cleansing effect with added delight.

4. Flowpoint shower heads:

These shower heads work on the principle of reducing the water flow so as to save on water assimilation. The enhanced spray effect ensures the spread of the stream is high inspite of the reduced flow. This showerhead ensures reduced water and electricity consumption per family.

5. Oxygenics Eco Shower head:

Touted as the most energy efficient eco friendly shower head in South Africa, Oxygenics shower heads save on electricity by encouraging users to install solar panels for heating the water. Not only that, these save on water by adopting technology that enhances the bathing experience with effective utilization of water and reduction of carbon emissions.

The above technological advancements although assist us in utilizing our resources effectively yet the onus of saving these precious resources lies on us. Some benign and careful approaches such as limiting users to the shower and disciplining their shower habits, inserting flow restrictors into hot and cold water supply systems, reducing the pressure of the supply system, inserting switches for easy on and off options between the shower head and shower arm can ensure judicious usage of the available resources.

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