10 LED lights to illuminate smart homes

LED lights Products

Over the years, we have seen lighting being done in different ways to illuminate the corners or to focus on specific areas in homes or other set ups. This is seeing a change. The interior decor for the smart homes is moving beyond the usual. Now, we have furniture that can sparkle in the dark to produce a captivating ambiance. The LED lights in use are also energy efficient. This, then, is an irresistible combination of a spellbinding effect and value for money.

1. Light table

Light table

This creation by Billycan design makes use of LED and fiber optics lighting to create a scintillating yet subtle impact. The acrylic table top gleams with the white LED fiber optics. The base creates a more dramatic effect with the color changing LED. In keeping with the ultra modern concept, this light table comes with a remote. Switch the color to your liking. Create a soothing yet dazzling ambiance with this enchanting piece.

2. Duravit


Duravit brings to people a mesmerizing range of LED products to add a dash of spunk and style to the usual bathroom set-ups. The programmable mood lighting concept of the e-mood furniture is the realization of an idea that seems futuristic. Manage the light settings and color with a gentle tap on touch LEDs. This range includes the light elements, a dazzling glass screen and a storage cabinet.

3. Modern LED lighted tables

Modern LED Lighted Tables

This ultra glamorous look for the homes is very much a reality now. Use the LED lighted tables in your dining space, your study or the place where you sit back, relax and watch a movie. Choose from among the two height options available. Opt for a glass or Lamix table top. The table height is adjustable in the 43 to 82 cm range.

4. LED table covers

Led table covers

LED table covers are indeed beyond imagination but, nonetheless, a sight that manages to grab and hold your attention. Fiber optics lends this glow to these table covers made from the water proof and washable polyester or polymethacrylate fabric. This product from Opulent items is priced at $500.

5. Kleiderleiste coat rack

Kleiderleiste coat rack

This minimalistic Mocha product, developed in collaboration with Fontana Leuchten, is functional for hanging coats and doubles up as a trendy and efficient source of light. The brushed stainless steel blends in easily with the modern look of the interior decor. Opt for lights in yellow, blue, white, green or red as per your liking. Get this 60 cm lit-up coat rack at £163.99.

6. Sics hanging chair

Sics hanging chair

This one takes the comfort of hanging chairs to an altogether different level. The LED light at the top allows you to relax and carry on with your work at the same time in this cozy chair with black leather interiors. The Cocobolo wood chair gets support from a stainless steel suspension rod and trim.

7. VorteXX LED chandelier

VorteXX LED Chandelier

Chandeliers lend a classy appeal to the interiors. Move over the bulky and over the top chandeliers. Modern and chic LED chandeliers are here to grab the attention of people. The Zumtobel masterpiece collection by Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher is a splendid display of the uber cool pieces available to bedeck smart homes. The resplendence in the reinforced fiber glass and translucent acrylic chandeliers comes from 190 LEDs in red, blue or green.

8. Light emitting wallpaper

Light emitting wallpaper

Here are textile based wallpapers that light up the walls in style. These create patterns on walls using LED lights or the OLED technology. This creation of interior designer Jonas Samson marks the coming together of science and creativity. These take minimalism to another level. No need to deck up the walls. Just create patterns with LED.

9. The Poesy bed

The Poesy bed

This creation by French designer Philippe Boulet seems like a piece straight out of futuristic sci-fi movies. This product meant for those living in the lap of luxury comes with a remote control to manage the color of lighting and is programmable for adjusting the lights. The LED lights in the bed bring to life a subtle yet captivating sight.

10. LED mood gliding lounger

LED mood gliding lounger

This Cybortek product comes replete with a bass speaker, docking panel for an MP3 player, iPod, DVD or Blu Ray screen and your cell phone. Relax and listen to your favorite music or watch a movie to unwind. The LED lights in the lounger can be set to five different modes. Lights automatically activate or deactivate sensing motion in the vicinity.

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