Weird DIY fencing ideas that will make your house stand out

wooden fencing

Want to recycle and reuse metal scraps into something better? If you have renovated your place recently and have extra wooden planks, do not throw them away; you can use them to create the fence for your property. Just make sure that the height of the fence is long enough so that it reduces the chances of anybody jumping or crossing the fence.  

To make it look beautiful, consider having metal rods of different sizes to make it look like an arch or replicate a certain design. Here are some ideas you can use for a base and then rework on it to make it look different.

The metal grill and fence


For people living in areas where there is a high crime rate or even for those living near the woods, this fencing idea is defiantly worth considering. The steel or metal base framework is not easy to break. When you add the grill or mesh for covering, it makes it impossible for people to break into your house.

4-race horse fencing

This is a simple, eye-appealing fencing idea that is perfect for any house or farmhouse. It is also an economical option since it is made from wood. This fencing idea is so easy to do that you can make it yourself. All you need are a few screws or nut and bolts, a drilling machine and a wood cutting machine for the planks.

Bamboo fence with a steel frame


The natural strength and sturdiness of bamboo makes it a good option for your fencing needs. To make your fence stronger, consider having a steel frame and then place the bamboo sticks. This way, it will have a good solid foundation to back on and at the same time serve the purpose of an eye-appealing fence.

The interlocking steel fence with a concrete/natural stone frame

The interlocking metal fence concept assures stability and sturdiness. This on its own is more than enough to prevent anybody from breaking in or coming into your property. When you combine this with a concrete or natural stone framework, it is next to impossible for anyone to even move it. While considering this option, just make sure that the metal grills are very close to each other and long. This will also be a good choice when you have a bungalow or an individual house.

Old surfboard fence


Make a nice long fence using different kinds of surfboards to give it a unique look. You can choose to go with wooden planks cut into the shape of a surfboard; another idea is to buy old surfboards or second hand ones, and make the fence with them.

The cactus fencing

Use the natural defense system of the cactus to your benefit. In this idea, you can buy long or big sized cactuses and plant them on the boundary of your property. It will keep unwanted people at bay while serving the purpose of a decorative look for your property.

Mesh and wooden fence

wooden fencing

Another neat idea for your fencing purposes is the mesh and wooden fence concept. The mesh will protect your space from any unwanted animals entering in. It is also a good choice when you have pets in the house. This multi-functional fence looks presentable and ideal if you do not want to block the view from your house. The wooden planks make a good base and foundation for the mesh.

A fence made with metal scraps

Use different types of metal sheets, metal frames and even rods and make your own fence. Even consider having different kinds of shapes like a large sized scissor, the outline of a car etc to beautify the fence. You would need a little creativity and professional help for the moulding of the fence.

Wooden twig fence for the rustic look

This is not just a simple idea but also a good one to consider if you want to go light on your pocket. Using wooden twigs of different shapes and sizes, you can create a nice fence for your vegetable garden or backyard. The natural interlocking and interloping look of the wooden twigs will not be easy to break. Consider having a wooden base made from round wooden planks instead of the flat ones. This will make it easy to place the twigs. Also keep in mind that when you are working on such a fencing idea, the size of the twigs have to be same.

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