10 ways of utilizing your underbed storage to the fullest

A bed occupies a lot of space in a room. It makes sense to utilize the space under the bed to store a lot of things, big to small. The first thing is to check underneath the bed and get rid of accumulated garbage. Like most of us, you may also be in the habit of stashing stuff you don’t want to look at under the bed. But, ultimately most of it is forgotten or we don’t have any use for those things. So, clean out from under the bed, give the floor a thorough cleaning too, and use the underbed storage in a much more organized manner. Here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

 Types of storage containers

In apartments and small homes, you make use of any space you can get for storage. The space under the bed is ideal storage space. Make the most of it by using storage containers, after measuring the space underneath your bed. You can get flat wooden boxes and put them under the bed. If you don’t want the storage containers to be seen, use stylish bedskirts as bedcovers.


Luggage can double as storage for clothing, linen, and blankets, between trips. This will open up storage in your closet too.

Repurposed drawers

You can repurpose your old dresser’s drawers as underbed storage. Dresser drawers are usually flat and broad, so they make perfectly good underbed storage. Just add some casters, and they are ready for use.

Garment boxes

Invest in archival garment box storage to store your wedding gown, or christening gown or other delicate clothes. These clothes are treasured, and you never want to give them away, but they do take up space in an already full closet. Garment boxes are a wonderful solution for delicate clothes, which you don’t use often.

Boxes with wheels

You can make wheeled box especially to store things under the bed. This box can hold a lot of things, including linens, books, hobby items and so on. The lid of the box will keep your things dust and pest free. And the wheels will give you the convenience of pulling it out whenever you want.

Store gift wrap etc

Gift wraps, bows, ribbons, tapes, card, and scissors can be put in paper or bamboo bins under the bed. They will not mess up your dressers and will be all in one place so that you can find them easily. In kids’ rooms, you can store books, games which are flat, puzzles and drawing books so that the little ones can take them out and play whenever they want to.

Locked boxes

Use a locked box or boxes under the bed to store important valuables and documents, which you don’t use frequently. Heirlooms, which may not be of much use to anyone but hold a lot of sentimental value for you, can be stored securely under the bed. Antiques which are breakable or even valuable Christmas ornaments can be kept locked under your bed, safe from pets and children.

Photo storage

Under the bed is the best place to store memorabilia including photos. They have a better chance of lasting longer under your bed, rather than in the garage or basement or attic. Choose acid-free containers to store photos. DVD, CDs, books, craft material too can be stored in boxes under the bed.

Storage bags

Vacuum-sealed or zippered bags work well as containers too. You can iron or fold spare linen, blankets, sweaters and so on, and keep them in bags under the bed. This is the most inexpensive way of maximizing your underbed storage. You don’t have to buy any containers or boxes, just some bags, which are definitely cheaper.

Shoe organizer

It’s rare these days to have just one or two pairs of shoes. To store those precious pairs of shoes is a headache, however. But underbed storage can be used as added shoe organizer space. You can buy wheeled racks or divided boxes, and get the extra shoes out of the way.

Underbed storage can be a very versatile storage solution. Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy or craft the kind of storage you need as underbed storage. In apartments, the underbed storage functions just like an attic in houses.

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