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When To Install Entrance Doors: Before Or After Repair?

Entrance Door installation

The question of level importance: to be or not to be. When to install a front door during repair?  Before repair – the door will get dirty or scratched. After repair – the finish around the door will be spoiled. When do you need to install the doors during the repair? We will tell you about it in the article.

Door Installation after Repair

repair work in a hallwayYou have completed the repair work and now decided to install the front door. The advantages of this solution – the door is ideal for the existing interior. You already have the color of walls, floor, and possibly even furniture.

But the disadvantages of installing the door after the repair is enough. The main thing – just made the repair of the hallway will suffer when installing the door. During the installation of the entrance metal door in the walls are drilled holes for anchoring. The finishing is damaged.

Holes and other damages can be concealed by using an MDF frame.

Door frames are decorative strips on both sides of the door frame that cover the walls of the door opening. Selected in the color of the door, they look expensive and beautiful. And the installation of the door after the repair will not spoil the interior thanks to them.

Installation of the door before the repair

Installation of the doorYou decided to put the door first, and then do the rest of the repair. Advantages – no need to redo the finishing of the walls, as well as a reliable door will protect the repair equipment in the house. Often, repair teams refuse to take on the repair until the new building will not change the door with a good lock (locksmith in Downtown Vancouver area provide such a service). The workers want their expensive tools to be safe.

But there are also shortcomings. First, the door can be scratched or dirty during repair work. Secondly, in the process of repair may change the interior solution and the door will not fit into the final option.

What solutions can be:

1. Pack the door with a film, so that it is not damaged.

The coating of the metal door is protected against dirt, dust, paint and mechanical damage by means of a vacuum film. It is better to entrust the packaging to professionals to ensure that the locking mechanisms are securely protected. After completing repair and removing the film, call a master to check the locks.

In addition, many manufacturers provide the possibility of installing a metal door without an internal decorative panel (or with its basic version). The main panel is mounted after the completion of repair. And this is just an option for those who have changed the interior during the repair.

2. Competently think over the interior and follow the project – or choose a door with replaceable panels.

The design project will allow not to change decisions during the repair. You can make the project yourself, and on the sites of construction stores immediately select finishes to suit your budget.

And if you know that changes are still possible or you are still afraid that the door will be damaged, garage door repair company – 1800 Garage Doors recommend choosing an entrance door with removable panels. This is a great solution for those who often like to change the interior and make a variety of home furnishings. Are you tired of the dark color of the door? Or do you want to change the classic picture to a trendy one? Or maybe now your dream is a door with a huge mirror?

A door with a replaceable panel allows you not to spend money and time to install a new door. It will be enough to order a new panel from the manufacturer – and install only it. Such installation will not take more than an hour and will not damage the repair.

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