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Whirlpool’s smart built in household waste processor

Whirlpool home kitchen waste processor

The designer/manufacturer

Jan-Willem van der Klooster, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Designer Jan-Willem Klooster along with Whirlpool has brought a built-in household waste divider and processor to further catalyze the sustainable development revolution. This waste processor occupies less space and has minimal impact on existing kitchen. In its concept planning, it has four levels. In the first level, it separates the waste in different categories according to its nature (organic, inorganic, etc.). After categorization, it treats the waste with some bio-chemical and compresses it. Now, by using different technologies, this processor produces biogas and electricity. In this way, this processor not only manages kitchen waste, but also adds some benefits to our pockets.

What’s unique

This processor is based on self sustainable concept; therefore, does not affect the pocket with heavy electricity bills as it generates its own power. This device not only lessens your effort to separate garbage, but also does it in an eco friendly way.

High points

This processor is very easy to operate and facilitates you with its user-friendly interface. With its sleek design, it can be adjusted in kitchen easily without any space constraint. Users are not required to separate the garbage as it all can be thrown in one container. With its replaceable Whirlpool eco bags, it ensures you are not running down the market time and again.