White Goat turns all your office paper waste into usable toilet paper

whitegoat White Goat machine from Oriental Co., Ltd., has presented the world with an idea of recycling their paper waste. And, as the company claims you can save 60 cedar trees per year while you minimize your office waste. White Goat uses 40 sheets of standard A4 office paper and some water to give you one roll of toilet paper, which is done in only thirty minutes. First, the paper is turned into ribbons with the help of built-in shredders and then these ribbons are dissolved in water in the pulper. The pulp is then thinned out, dried and rolled up into toilet paper. It not only saves the trees, but also lot of money, as it is bound to be a one time investment, if we take care of the machine. So, the next time by the end of every week you can get all the office paper waste back home so that you can get toilet paper made.

Via: Physorg

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