MU Space music player doubles as an audio pillow

mu space music player
Music is an endemic part of nature without which life is almost still. It livens you up, keeps you full of life throughout the day, and endows with a blissful sleep at night. So, if you love to relax with your favorite music after a long tiring day, the MU Space music player is the best you can get. When opened, the music player deigned by Yuan-Hao Hsu and Lin Tzu Hsuan carries a soft bed inside for a relaxing sleep and soothing music. Thus, it’s a bed box that doubles as an audio pillow. The cozy pillow comes encased in a box which when opened, unfolds into bed and the rotating speaker can be rotated to suit your needs. Basically a concept, but we hope to see it very soon in the market, to enjoy the musical pillows.

mu space music player1
mu space music player2
mu space music player3
mu space music player4
mu space music player5
mu space music player6

Via: Yanko Design/Gizmodo

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