Why Candles Have Become So Essential in Décor

Why Candles Have Become So Essential in Décor

Though candles have been part of our homes for thousands of years, they have recently made the leap from being overly functional into mostly decorative. They are the favored item of many, and are now considered to be an essential part of décor. Let’s take a look at why.

1. Multiple Styles

Just as you are able to find multiple styles even amongst cheap furniture to suit every taste, so will you be able to find candles and candle holders that suit your preferred design aesthetic. This means that you should be able to tie candles into your interior design regardless of what you might like.

There are many beautiful and ornate candles out there that have been designed carefully and can be real eye-catchers. They might even be too nice for you to burn! Alternatively, you can never go wrong with tealights or cathedral candles in a stunning candle holder. From lanterns to plates and more, there are plenty of ways for you to style candles. This means that you can easily include some basic candles in your rooms, no matter what the style of the wider room might be.

2. A Sensory Experience

Candles are thought to be an essential part of décor as they can provide a fantastic sensory experience. We like to surround ourselves with things that appeal to the many different senses – pick the right candle and you will see this in action!

Candles obviously look pretty, and many people like to watch a candle’s flame dance and cast shadows. They will also provide a small amount of heat. Some candles come with a wooden wick that makes a crackle like a fire, providing an auditory experience. Finally, there are so many different types of scented candle out there that will release their fragrances into the air as they burn. Though there are classic scents like flowers or even fresh scents like cotton, there are also plenty of more unusual scents that could appeal to a wide range of different people.

3. An Easy Way to Brighten a Room

Items like candles and fresh flowers have become essential for décor over the past few years as they are a quick and easy way to freshen up and brighten a room. If you are trying to create a welcoming environment that you can host from, candles can be a great addition.

If you have a lot of fabrics or maybe pets and small children that you want to keep away from open flames, think about battery-operated candles too! These can provide a warm glow and the perfect atmosphere without you having to worry about monitoring the flames!

Candles are more versatile than people might think – which is part of the reason why they are such an essential part of so many people’s décor. If you are interested in an easy way to add some color to your rooms – not to mention a scent – you should add some candles to your home. There is certainly no shortage of options in the shops!

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