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Why Installing Septic Tank in Atlanta Could Be the Best Decision?

Installing Septic Tank

Atlanta despite being a fashionably modern city does have a wide range of suburban areas and communities. While the government is playing its part by planting loads and loads of trees, greenery, and other forms of plantation, as an individual of the society, it is our job to keep Atlanta green and take into consideration all the environmental-friendly methods.

Septic tanks are a great way to keep the surrounding environment and your lifestyle healthy. There are many people who consider adding septic tanks in their houses. Why? Because these tanks come with several health benefits.

Benefits of Septic Tanks

Benefits of Septic TanksDisposing of waste is a must if it’s achieved by a sewage system or a septic tank. That being said, one is better for the environment than the other when handled properly – so let’s have a look at the good factors for having a septic tank.

1. Long-lasting

The septic tank will last for a long time if it is well maintained with regular inspections and pumping. There are a lot of companies that are offering professional septic tank pumping in Atlanta. Many septic tank companies come for regular checkups and inspections after you get in a contract with them. A normal septic tank usually lasts between 20 and 40 years in several situations. A septic tank can be used for a lengthy span of time with good treatment and upkeep. It is necessary to find the correct person to keep the tank on a daily basis and to avoid clogging and other problems.

2. Environmentally-friendly

Septic tanks remove pollution with the help of natural soil filtering techniques. Wastewater is then pumped into the septic tank until it winds up in the drain field. Bacteria are washed into the soil as soon as the drainage is collected from the septic tank, rendering the water safe for re-use.

Through the use of septic tanks encourages local water tables to be automatically replenished. Public water sources support biodiversity in the region and septic tanks add to this cycle by the recycling of wastewater.

The use of a septic tank lowers your environmental impact as this system employs a natural soil filtering method to remove sewage. The water is pumped into the septic tank until it is poured into the soil. The soil then removes the contaminants so that the water can be healthy to drink and re-use.

Using a septic tank ensures that you can lead to the refilling of the water table beneath your house. Wastewater harvesting on your property ensures that the local water table is still being repopulated, which is helpful to plants and animals.

3. No Need for Replacement

Septic tank can remain in use as long as you are getting it regularly maintained and you are not overburdening it. You can use the septic tank for up to 40 years, and sometimes even longer just by taking regular maintenance precautions. You need to search for a specialist who can support your septic tank anytime it is needed to avoid damage and clogging.

Many people try to avoid this expense by looking at tips for self-cleaning and maintenance. Unfortunately, many people had to get whiplash injury treatment just because of inadequate experience of handling the pipes and just being in there.

4. No Regular Expenses

Utilizing public sewage and water drainage systems ensures that the water costs will be larger. It is much easier to depend on a septic tank so there are no costs beyond the original construction and, occasional maintenance costs. The only costs you do have to pay are the initial ones therefore, you will be saving loads of bucks in the longer run.

5. Affordable

Now you might wonder that septic tanks can be an expensive option. However, this is nothing but miles apart from the truth. If the land is large then installing a septic tank is likely to be a more economical choice. The process of acquiring a tank built depends based on your location and what type of structure you require, and the size of the tank. Once you get it installed and working, the regular expense of septic tank pumping in Atlanta and repairing a septic tank would be cheaper than the cost of using a community sewage system. 

Proper Maintenance of a Septic Tank

Maintenance of a Septic TankLet’s discuss some tips that will come in handy if you are looking forward to installing a septic tank on your property.

1. Keep Proper Records

Maintain the record by keeping copies and professional documentation of the tanks. These include:

  • Plans
  • Drawings
  • Details of the company
  • Price paid
  • Contactor
  • Material supply
  • Inspection dates and cost

2. Distribute Chores

In an ideal scenario, doing your laundry weekly is the way to maintain expenses and time. However, if you have a septic tank and a large family, you need to consider doing laundry in intervals so that there is no additional burden on the pipes.

Choose biodegradable detergents and even though the local regulatory authority in Atlanta might permit you to use fabric softeners depending entirely on the water use. However, it is noteworthy that water softeners will cause harm to your septic system.

3. Fix Leaks and Plumbing issues

Leaks are bad for your septic tanks. If there is a leak in your regular plumbing, you might experience a hefty amount of water drainage in the tank. Make sure that you get your pipes up to date and all the fixtures will-maintained. This will help you in maintaining the health of the septic tank while making the drain field last longer.

4. Avoid Food Waste

You will be required to use garbage disposal according to the local regulatory authority of the city/state. Just keep this into consideration that if you use garbage disposals, you would have to wash solids from the septic tank more often. It is best to use the trash to get rid of huge volumes of food waste.

Instead of keeping your food lingering in the dishwasher so that it goes to the septic tank, make sure that you remove all the solid leftovers and throw them in the bin.

5. Don’t Flush Anything

If you are habitual of flushing things in the toilet, you need to stop doing that now. The chemicals in these products can actually have a negative impact on the septic tank water. The things you must not flush in any condition are:

  • Medicines
  • Condoms
  • Tissue papers
  • Sanitary pads
  • Tampons
  • Bleach 

Why You Need Professional Septic Tank Services?

Septic TankThere are certain risks associated with septic tanks that vary from infections to injuries ranging from minor to possibly fatal. These are some of the common hazards you might face if you don’t let professionals take over your septic tank:

1. Infections

A regular septic tank comprises of germs that are collected from the house. These germs are infectious and if you try to get into the tank for cleaning or inspection, it is possible that these germs can get in contact with your body and even mouth.

2. Shock

There is a possibility to get an electric shock if you try to perform DIY maintenance. This is common in a scenario where you have to dig around the tank. You don’t know where the utility lines like the internet or electricity lie and therefore; it is important that you let professionals take over the job.

3. Injuries

Installing a septic tank and getting it into a working condition is a hefty task that requires professional assistance. If you are thinking that you can handle the weight, think again. It is possible to get a whiplash injury due to septic tank pipes and even digging the space. In any case, you need to visit the whiplash doctor immediately. 

Some Safety Precautions

As mentioned above, working with a septic tank is indeed a dangerous task. You need to take the following safety precautions to avoid injury and infections:

  • Seek professional help instead of going for DIY installation techniques as they have proper tools, gear, skills, and safety precautions to avoid any mishap.
  • Do not use an open flame like lighters or candles around the tank. Instead, use torches or flashlights for observing it.
  • Don’t overload the pipes that could result in a disastrous explosion of the pipes contaminating everything around you. 


Many people in suburban communities install septic tanks in their houses to maintain an environmental-friendly atmosphere. However, make sure that you are seeking professional help and taking into account all the safety precautions before making the decision of installing septic tanks.

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