Why mattress is a king of your house and how to choose the right one


Picking the right mattress is essential as a good night’s sleep dictates your mood and well being the next day. Sleep recharges and replenishes the energy levels of your body and prepares you for the tough life you face day to day. No wonder so much effort is made to choose the right mattress! However, the following steps will help you choose the right mattress:

  1. Life span of mattress-
    mattress is a king of your house
    As a rule of thumb, it is advised to change your mattresses every eight years. However, latex, memory foam and hybrid varieties of mattresses have a life span of at least ten years. It is time to replace your mattress if you are getting less sleep, experiencing discomfort while sleeping, or waking up with body aches in the morning.
  1. Types of mattress-
  2. a) Latex mattress- This mattress is known for its comfort, bounce and cooling. Latex mattresses also have great responsiveness and long lifespan.
  3. b) Memory foam mattress- This unique mattress is very cozy and snug. Sleepers get good support and pressure relief when they sleep on memory foam mattresses. However, its earlier models are notorious for their heat discharging nature, so make sure it is an advanced model you go for.
  4. c) Coil mattress- It is the most common type of mattress used worldwide. Coil mattress or innerspring mattress is made of one or more layers of steel springs layered with coil or foam. It is quite economical and gives desired sleeping comforts depending on the layers of springs induced. Some users go for a Pillow-top mattress, which is a comfortable layer sewn on top of the coil type mattress.

  5. d) Hybrid mattress- Hybrid mattresses, as the name suggests, is combination of two or more types of mattresses to enhance the qualities and longevity of the mattress.
  6. Right price- Although the price of the mattress doesn’t have to do anything with the quality most of the time; invest a minimum of $500 for a decent mattress that can be used by two persons. A thousand dollars should get you a near high-end mattress in the market today.
  7. Mattress size- The standard size of mattresses in U.S are-
  8. a) King Size – 76”X 80”
  9. b) Cal King – 72”X 84”
  10. c) Queen Size – 60”X 80”
  11. d) Full XL – 53”X 80”
  12. e) Full Size – 53”X 75”
  13. f) Twin XL – 38”X 80”
  14. g) Twin Size – 38”X 75”
  1. Desired firmness- Depending on how hard or soft you want your mattress to be, the firmness of the mattress is judged. Most commonly, people choose a mattress that is mid way between too firm and too soft. The body’s weight, type and size are the factors that users consider while choosing appropriate firmness. Firmness of the mattress is also judged by the position you sleep— like if you sleep on your side, you would prefer a little softer mattress compared to when you are sleeping on your stomach or back. Generally, the heavier a user weighs, a little firmer their mattress need tends to be.

These steps are the standard criteria followed by many successful users in choosing an appropriate mattress. However, https://sleepissimple.co.uk/ offers an expert insight and it is highly recommended by industry experts to check their guide on this before you venture out purchasing that new mattress.

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