Wooden swing sets

As spring approaches, families start to seek places where they can hang out with kids, basking in the sun and fresh air. Though playgrounds and picnic spots more than fulfill this need, you can also have the same fun in your very own backyard if you install a simple wooden swing set for your kids. These wooden swing sets are at times a bit expensive but they are a one time investment and provide a safe and secure place for your kids to play in if going to the playground daily doesn’t suit your schedule too well. Being entirely crafted in wood with metal nuts and bolts for additional security, these swings can feature additional playground add ons like slides, forts, monkey bars and sandboxes that can be cleaned and maintained better than public playground equipment.

Atlantis wooden swing set

Price: $549

This wooden swing set is perfect for providing your kids with outdoor adventures all summer long. The Atlantis adventure playsets wooden swing set can keep children entertained for hours on end with enough activities to keep them busy and physically healthy. This eco-friendly outdoor swing set is constructed from sustainable cedar wood.

What’s unique: This swing set comes with a ship lap wood roof with a flat step ladder, a rock climbing wall and an imagination station that can be used to put on a puppet show, lemonade stand or lunch counter. The set also features deluxe ship’s-wheel glider, two belt swings, 8-feet wide speedy slide, sun deck and a clubhouse with bay window with a covered play deck above.

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Carolina wooden swing set

Price: $705.99

The Carolina wooden swing set comes with a two-tone trimmed cedar rockwall, spiral wave slide, a dormer with solid wood roof, a rear ladder, one acrobatic swing and two belt swings. The set also features a huge clubhouse window, with a large sandbox, a cafe table and a Tic-Tac-Toe panel to keep kids busy.

What’s unique: With cedar floor and wall boards, the Carolina wooden swing set is constructed in stained premium playground lumber that ensures safe play for many years. A 5-feet high play deck lets children put on plays and shows on their own while a three-position single swing beam and a large play fort keeps them entertained and immersed in play.

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Andorra wooden swing set

Price: $348.99

With unparalleled value, the Andorra wooden swing set is a playset for budget conscious families. A great swingset for smaller backyards, the set comes with a slide, swings and a lower sandbox with a 3×3 play deck that’s sufficient to allow kids to play a number of games in the backyard.

What’s unique: This swing set comes with two belt swings with soft touch rope, a high rail wave slide, outdoor reinforced vinyl border and lettering on screen printed chalkwall, a Rockwall with multi-colored rocks and an arched roof canopy to provide shade to the kids during summer days.

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Big Skye swing set

Price: $2,468.99

The Big Skye swing set is constructed in wooden beams coated with premium preserved pine poly finish which makes it maintenance free and resistant to insect damage, decay and rot. The swing set comes with chimney-fitted dormers and sunbursts on a tongue and groove wood roof that makes indoor play fun as well.

What’s unique: This swing set features great playground games like a Tic-Tac-Toe panel, a steering wheel, a periscope, a telescope, a mesh covered sandbox, a built-in picnic table, a climbing rope ladder, a safety step ladder, a climbing rope fitted rock wall, a Green radical ride tube slide and an extreme green radical wave slide. Also fitted with a glider swing, two additional swings, swing hangers on a three-position swing beam and two play decks, the swing set is a great backyard playset for larger families.

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Blue ridge frontier swing set

Price: $1,899.00

The Blue ridge frontier swing set from Gorilla Playsets comes with a separate swing beam with a tire swing that is ideal for residential backyards. Also featuring a Tic-Tac-Toe spinner panel, an extra wide slide bed on the radical wave slide and a chimney, dormers and sunbursts fitted play area, the swing set is a great backyard playset for the active child.

What’s unique: This swing set comes with innovative play gear such as a telescope, a Green radical wave slide, a built-in picnic table, a climbing rope ladder, one trapeze bar, a deluxe climbing ramp and a climbing rock wall with rope as well as a fort deck with a 5-feet high deck, which makes it a perfect addition to the backyard.

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Gorilla playsets outing III swing set

Price: $949.00

Made with premium preserved pine, the Gorilla playsets outing III swing set features a wave slide with 4 feet tall play deck. Built with solid 4×4 framing, this compact unit is super strong and features a sandbox, a flag kit, telescope, steering wheel, safety handles and a safety step ladder for optimized playtime.

What’s unique: Fitted with a marine grade vinyl canopy, the play deck on this swing set provides hours of fun to the kids with other great games in the set including a green wave slide, two belt swings, climbing rope on rock wall and one trapeze assembly with rings to keep your kids active and fit.

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Trailblazer swing set

Price: $359.95

The Trailblazer swing set comes with wide and flat ladder steps, a rope ladder, a vinyl canopy on the fort top and bucket swings to make backyard playtime even more fun.

What’s unique: This swing set is fitted with plastisol coated chains that ensure that children remain safe even during the most active of playtimes.

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