Hipporoller: Water transportation and purification made easy!



Sam Young


Hipporroller takes its cue from the nesquick magic straws, which is a concept of making milk shake with milk shake balls while using a straw. The designer has reversed this idea and used chlorine balls to sanitize the dirty water. It features a spacious tube within the main container that stores water. In addition, its design being based on a roller concept, the water transportation becomes quite easy.

High Points

Chlorination of water is a worldwide accepted method of sanitizing the water. Chlorine balls are put in the main tube of the Hipporoller so that while it is being rolled, water filtrates through the tube and gets sanitized by the chlorine, thus making the water clean and drinkable.

The designer has also decided to make a mesh out of wire that will be connected to the sides of the Hipporoller along with the filter paper, which will be intertwined with the wire mesh. This makes the Hipporoller to store the filtered and potable water in the other compartment while it is being rolled.


Hipporoller is a very unique and useful product for the people living in regions facing water scarcity or flood. Though, it design features few limitations. The main problem is with the filter paper that would face a lot of pressure from the water movement making it difficult for it to be fixed firmly in the tube. Moreover, it will also limit the amount of water to be transported.

The designer needs to develop a filter paper which will allow the water to pass through only one way, or else it will infect the potable water again.

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