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Wow Interiors: Video that paints your wall

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Open Gallery offers the services of Laluna Technology that helps to install video painting work in your homes or any commercial area that you own. Ranging from single, unique video paintings, to gallery curated limited edition group collections, open gallery can provide you with anything. The technology evolved by Artscape project in 2003 plays the video paintings in non-linear and intelligent sequences, which happens according to the criteria that is determined by the artists.

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The result is achieved by storing the material at perfect quality on a computer, functioning as a digital gallery. The computer uses unique software that revolutionizes the presentation of moving image artwork. You have the option of choosing from wall mounted digital frames or large scale projection. The frames provided are handmade, integrating a display screen and compact Laluna. All you need to do is connect the frame to the power supply and hang it on the wall. And, if you have the requirement of installation on area ranging from square meter to hundreds, open gallery has the solution, at the same time providing ongoing technical support and all the required maintenance services.

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