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Yaroslav Rassadin’s pipe chair revives the spirit of Victorian age

There was a time when smoking a pipe was seen as a mark of distinction, good fortune and refinement though most people today view it as a pompous activity pursued by wannabes, rap stars and “new money” folks. Nobody really smokes pipe any more though the glamor of the activity lives on in period dramas and exclusive high-end ‘boys’ clubs’. But there is still something to be said about the hypnotic form of a smoking pipe which is highly reminiscent of the romance of an era gone by. And just like furniture of the Victorian era and the race cars of the post-Edwardian era; the smoking pipe is a highly coveted piece of décor that is much in demand by antiquers. Designer Yaroslav Rassadin, however, has taken the shape of the smoking pipe and created a wonderful new chair that makes one heck of a statement for its owner’s taste.

Pipe chair

The pipe chair gives an air of intelligence and refinement to the person who sits on it and the seat itself evokes and image of an unhurried lifestyle. Taking users back to the time before automation and computers, presents users with an opportunity to capture the elegance of a much quieter life that left people with enough time to reflect upon the finer things in life.

The wide-bottomed chair sits firm on the ground with a gently bended back allowing users to lean back and relax on it for hours. In order to preserve all the ergonomic standards of a modern chair, the pipe chair comes coated with soft surfaces that enhance user’s comfort. The shape of the chair itself mimics the classic form of a pipe to make it an incredible statement piece. The pipe chair is a part of designer’s stream collection.

Source: Yaroslav Rassadin